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​Here's What Our Tax Lawyers Can Do For You


I used this company back in 2013. They saved me from a world of hurt.  I had put off letters from the IRS and discovered the hard way that the IRS will eventually give up and just take the money out of your paycheck. I was left with 25% of my normal check, and that happened at the beginning of the month when my rent was due. Without this team, I would have been left with 25% of my paycheck for weeks to come. They immediately got the garnishment halted and were able to start an offer-in-compromise. I believe their advertised 90% success rate.   I was able to complete an OIC and get my financial life back. Thanks, Flat Fee.


Our tax professionals have more "Great News" to share. Our clients, Todd and Donna W. from Queen Creek, AZ have settled their IRS tax debt.


Our clients called our IRS tax relief team for a consultation. They came to use with a $54,000 IRS tax debt. Today, Todd and Donna received the IRS tax Settlement they were looking for. Our clients will pay the IRS grand total of $3000. Our IRS Tax Attorney, David Isaac, saved them $51,000. That's what our great team of IRS tax professionals can accomplish.


Our IRS problem-solvers continue to announce more "Great News". Our clients, William and Dijon B. from San Diego, California received the IRS settlement that they needed. Our clients have been notified that their Offer in Compromise has been accepted. Their $31,000 IRS tax debt has been settled for a grand total of $2001. Once again, our IRS problem solvers, led by Tax Lawyer, David Isaac, have succeeded in having an IRS settlement accepted. These kinds of success stories are "routine" for Flat Fee Tax Service.


Gregory S. from Cordova, Tennessee called our tax professionals in need of a tax settlement. He had a home. He had a rental property and he had $15,000 in equity. He had a $2900 per month income. The IRS debt was $36,000. The IRS had a federal tax lien that was preventing him from selling the rental property. Our IRS Tax Attorneys went to work immediately.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys delivered for Greg. Through the Offer in Compromise program, we secured a $5,000 IRS settlement on his $36,000 tax debt. The Federal tax lien was released and Greg did not have to give up his equity. 

This shows what our team of tax defense experts can do for you.


Today, our tax professionals announce another Offer in Compromise success story. Our client, Lacey H. from Monroe, North Carolina has received news that the IRS has accepted his tax settlement. Lacey owed an IRS tax debt of $65,000 and we have settled his tax debt for $11,846.


Lacey called in for his consultation in April of 2017. He was a mortgage broker with a tax problem in the US. We prepared his 2016 tax return and proceeded with his defense. Today, Lacey has received his Fresh Start. Our team has come through once again.


If you have some tax debt problems with the IRS, give our tax pro's a call and find out what your tax settlement options are.



Our Client, David T. from Olive Branch, Mississippi, has received some great news today. The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service has settled his IRS tax debt of $67,000 for a grand total of $500.


That's right. You read it right. $67,000 income tax debt settled for $500. 


When David came to us, he was a "mess". He hadn't filed his tax returns in ten (10) years. We got David compliant with the IRS and proceeded with his tax defense.


Once again our IRS Tax Lawyers have come through for our clients. We provide IRS tax relief in the United States at very affordable fees.


Call us and find out what your options are and what can be done for you.


Our IRS Tax Lawyers have come through again. Flat Fee Tax Service never gets tired of winning! 


Our client, Carlos G. from Oxnard, California, has been informed that the IRS has accepted his $3,948 settlement on his $67,000 tax debt. 


Carlos called our tax defense team on March 7, 2017, for his free consultation.  Carlos had an IRS levy and was missing two tax returns. 


Carlos decided that Flat Fee Tax Service was the right fit for him and today we announce his Offer in Compromise acceptance. Our IRS Tax Lawyers have come through again. 


No matter where in the USA that you live, our IRS tax relief team can provide you with a tax defense at very affordable fees.


Our client, Jeremy H. from Atlanta, Georgia gave our tax professionals a call approximately 15 months ago. He was burdened with $87,000 in IRS tax debt. 


Jeremy needed to be protected from an IRS garnishment and he needed to settle with the IRS. Our very able, very experienced IRS Tax Attorneys went to work on his tax settlement.


Today we announce that the IRS has accepted Jeremy's $500 Offer in Compromise. That's right. Jeremy from Atlanta has settled his $87,000 tax debt for just $500.

Not everyone is eligible for the same deal but many taxpayers throughout the United States are more than qualified for this kind of Offer in Compromise settlement.



Our client Wilfred G. of Pasadena, California came to us with $35,000 in tax debt. He owed the tax debt for the tax years 2004 through 2007. Our Tax Lawyers have successfully had the IRS "write off" the entire $35,000. This was another great job by our terrific tax professionals.


Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. announces another successful Offer in Compromise through the IRS Fresh Start Initiative. The IRS problem solvers at Flat Fee Tax Service received a call from our client who resides in Blue Mound, Texas. She had a $40,000 back tax debt owed to the IRS.


The IRS had a levy on her wages. She was desperate and had little hope until she made the call to Flat Fee Tax Service. Our tax professionals provided our client with what she was in need of affordable IRS help with low monthly fees as well as reliable and thorough expertise.

Our Blue Mound, Texas client, who owed the IRS $40,000 settled with the IRS for $2400.00. Our IRS Tax Attorneys prepared and negotiated the IRS settlement. The Offer in Compromise has our client paying the IRS $100.00 per month for 24 months. That's it. $100.00 for 24 months and our client will have had her $40,000 completely wiped out and settled. That's what we, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. call a real Fresh Start.


Lamont R. of Broadview, Illinois had multiple years of unfiled tax returns and was facing a levy by the IRS. Once again our IRS tax professionals prepared the delinquent, unfiled tax returns and had the tax levy stopped and released. Then our IRS Tax Attorneys proceeded to prepare have submitted Lamont's Fresh Start Offer in Compromise. The IRS has accepted Lamont's Offer in Compromise. Lamont R. settled his $120,000.00 back tax debt for $1,200.00. Lamont's will pay the IRS 5 (five) monthly payments of $240.00. 


Gerardo R. who lives in Beaumont, California had a tax debt of $26,232 when he initially contacted us at Flat Fee Tax Service. Our IRS problem-solvers provided affordable IRS help to Gerardo R. that resulted in an IRS settlement of $1200 with $50 payments over a 24 month period. 


Anne S. of Jacksonville, Florida needed to have her 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 tax returns prepared and filed. She had a wage levy. The tax relief team convinced the IRS to stop and release the wage levy in one day. Our tax return prep department prepared Anne's delinquent tax returns and she became IRS compliant. Today, thanks to our diligent and experienced tax relief team, the IRS accepted her Offer in Compromise. Anne S. of Jacksonville, FL settled her $19,600 tax debt for $2,400.00. She received the Fresh Start she deserves.


Brian S. of  Las Vegas, Nevada had a tax debt of $26,407 when he became our client. The IRS was going after him and was levying his wages. The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. obtained a collection hold for Brian S. and had the IRS wage levy stopped. Our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys proceeded to prepare his Fresh Start Offer in Compromise and negotiated an IRS settlement of $2400 with payments of $100 to be paid over a 24 month period.


​Our IRS tax relief team started working on a case for a Key West, Florida construction worker who was facing an IRS wage levy and a tax debt of $177,000.00. Needless to say, our new client called us for a consultation. We listened to his problem and analyzed the challenges facing the resolution of his delinquent IRS tax liability. 


The experienced IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service started working immediately on our clients' behalf and had the IRS wage levy (garnishment) stopped and released within one (1) day. Our IRS tax relief team then set out to reduce, as much as possible, our client's tax liability which was an outstanding $177,000.00.

Due to Flat Fee Tax Service's diligent and thorough settlement work, our Key West, Florida client has had his Offer in Compromise accepted by the IRS on 6/07/2012. Our client will pay the IRS 24 monthly installments of $361.00 for a grand total of $8,664.00.


Our fantastic IRS Income Tax Help team has "done it again." We put together a successful strategy to resolve Scott's income tax problem. Our able and experienced IRS Tax Attorneys prepared his missing tax returns, stopped IRS collection enforcement, and then proceeded to put together his Offer in Compromise.

Today, Scott has a Fresh Start. He no longer has an income tax debt. Today, Scott no longer has an IRS problem thanks to the ability of our IRS resolution professionals.


Once again, congratulations Scott J. of Modesto, California, and may God bless you.


Our client Joe and Minnie G. of Columbus, Texas. received an IRS settlement that is very hard to beat. The IRS has settled their $18,000 past due income tax debt for $100.


We could not be happier for Joe and Minnie. When they called us for a confidential consultation, they were in bad shape. The IRS was seizing Joe's paycheck and left him with hardly any money. Joe was unable to pay for food, his rent, and his car payment.​


They have children to care for and simply couldn't pay their past-due income tax debt. They just didn't have the means to pay the tax bill.

Our experienced IRS Income Tax help Team jumped into action. We stopped the IRS Wage Levy. Stopped IRS enforcement action and proceeded to put together Joe and Minnie's successful IRS settlement.

Joe and Minnie of Columbus, Texas has a Fresh Start thanks to our able and experienced Income Tax Attorneys.

Congratulations Joe and Minnie and may God Bless you.


Once again, our IRS tax relief team happily announces another successful IRS settlement. Our client, John W. from Idaho, settled his $62,000 income tax debt for a mere $500.

We could not be happier for John and his wife. When John called us for his free and confidential consultation, he told us of a previous bad experience with a Tax Attorney. John had paid one of our competitors $8,000 and had nothing to show for his money.

John made the decision to trust our experienced tax professionals. We all went to work on John's behalf immediately and today is the day that John W. from Idaho has his Fresh Start.

Once again, congratulations to John, and may God Bless him.


Our Tax Resolution team wants to congratulation our client, Sam G. of Tabor City, North Carolina on his successful IRS settlement. Our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys put together Sam's Offer in Compromise and we are delighted to announce that Sam settled his $51,000 Income tax debt for a mere $500.


Our clients, Michael and Stacey C. of Arlington, Texas called our IRS tax relief team for a consultation. They owed the IRS a back income tax debt of $137,000. Michael and Stacey needed help fast.

All of the "usual problems" existed. IRS levy on wages, fear, anxiety, and the inability to pay their past-due income tax debt.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service is announcing GREAT NEWS.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Our client Lewis B. from Waxahachie, TX just received word from the IRS that his $800,000 (this not a typo) income tax debt has been settled for $500 (not a typo). WOW! "The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service is the best." Thank you, Lewis, for having put your faith in us.

We could not be happier for Lewis. Our team told him that "we would take care of him" and we did.


Flat Fee Tax Service is so very happy to announce another successful acceptance of an IRS Offer in Compromise. A client of Flat Fee Tax Service is getting an IRS Fresh Start due to the work of our tax settlement professionals.

William and Roberta A. of Tiffin, Iowa came to Flat Fee Tax Service because they had a huge IRS income tax debt. Our clients, William and Roberta A. owed the IRS tax debt of $167,130. They were desperate, anxious, and overwhelmed with fear. IRS levies and liens were coming down on them.

William and Roberta A. of Tiffin, Iowa have settled with the IRS. They will pay the IRS a settlement of $1900 (total settlement) on what was a $167,130 IRS income tax debt.


Our client, Tim W. of Alamogordo, New Mexico, has received the "Great News" that the IRS has accepted his settlement. Tim will pay the IRS a grand total of $500 on an income tax debt of $92,000. Tim called us at Flat Fee Tax Service after the IRS began seizing 15% of his monthly $2800 Veteran's Disability benefit. How was Tim supposed to provide for his wife and himself with the IRS levying his modest Veteran Disability pension? Tim, a disabled Veteran, gave his service to our country. It was the time that we re-paid our debt to Tim.

Our Emergency IRS Levy Release Team had the IRS stop and release Tim's levy. Our IRS problem solvers, led by experienced IRS Tax Attorneys, then started the process to settle Tim's income debt through the Offer in Compromise program.

Today, our client, Tim from New Mexico, can rest easy. He has the Fresh Start he needed and deserved. Our "top-notch" team of IRS income tax relief specialists has come through once again. Is it any wonder that Flat Fee Tax Service has been called "America's Best and Most Affordable IRS Income Tax Relief Team."


Our team wants to congratulate our client Kelly from Port Richey Florida on her IRS settlement. Her IRS income tax debt of $41,000 was settled for $500. Holy Moly! That's a settlement. We could not be happier for Kelly. We stopped a wage levy and then started working on her settlement. Here we are. Kelly has a Fresh Start. Flat Fee Tax Service has another happy client and a successful IRS settlement. A great job by our entire team. Well done. It's a wonderful day.


Congratulations to our client Rheagan W. from Addison, Alabama. Rheagan's mom originally called us because Rheagan was embarrassed and afraid to call us.

Rheagan had been a truck driver who leased her truck. With the business downturn, Rheagan lost the truck and found herself with a $17,000 income tax debt. She needed 1 tax year filed. She also had a visit from the Revenue Officer assigned to the case.

Needless to say, she was in trouble. Our client, Rheagan, could only find work at a daycare center. Our team of professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service went to work. Today, our client has settled her $17,000 income tax debt for a total of $250. She received the Fresh Start that she desperately needed. Our team came through again.

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