Hiring Flat Fee Tax Service 

Is Like Having
"An Tax Attorney Near Me"

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Our IRS Tax Lawyers Protect Taxpayers Throughout the United States.


All You Need is an Email, A Computer, or
A Smartphone 
to Have the Best and Most Affordable

"IRS Tax Attorney Near Me"

There is a ton of information out there on the Internet regarding IRS tax help; some of it self-serving, some of it contradictory, and almost all of it confusing. How can an average taxpayer figure out what their best tax relief option is? The short answer is you need to do your research when looking for an experienced IRS Tax Attorney who can review your specific and unique tax problem. 


In our high-tech world, a taxpayer-citizen can get on their computer, smartphone, iPad or another device and research anyone. Go ahead and look up our tax professionals at the Better Business Bureau. Another place you can go to is RipOff.com. Find out if there have been complaints made and the type of complaints filed.



Our IRS Tax Attorneys use their knowledge,

experience, and grit to fight for our clients

every step of the way. Our tax pro's get the

positive results you deserve.



Our team of professionals will provide you with the best possible advice during our free and confidential consultation. At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., our tax relief attorneys have many years of combined experience in resolving tax problems just like yours.


21st century and modern technology are bringing all of us much closer together. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is on the "cutting edge" of technology. That's why when you choose to be our client, it's like having the "an "IRS Tax Attorney near me" no matter where you are located. You can sit at home and email our team. You can send us a text from your smartphone. You can scan a document and send it instantaneously. The days of spending hours in your car or calling an IRS tax relief firm for an appointment are over.


Our IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. are physically located at our home office in San Diego, California. We serve financially struggling taxpayers in San Diego, Los Angeles, Southern California and every state in the good old USA.


Our clients have a direct phone number to their Tax Lawyer. With today's devices, the only items needed for our clients to receive the best, most affordable IRS tax help would be a smartphone, a computer, a fax or a landline. Any of these devices will be sufficient for them to receive our superior services at affordable fees.


Did you know that the IRS handles nearly all of their business via fax? 


It does not matter where you live as we have an affiliate office in Palm Beach, Florida allowing our team to answer your calls at 8 A.M. eastern time up until 5 P.M. west coast time. Our tax professionals are also available on Saturdays.


Not only have we clients in each of the 50 states but our IRS Tax Attorneys represent clients located in Guam, Iraq, Philippines, Panama, Israel, and Europe.


Our clients are provided the direct phone number to the IRS Tax Lawyer who is handling their tax resolution. We do not "palm you off" to an assistant. If you have a question, our IRS tax relief team is readily available to respond right away.











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