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If you are facing the possibility of an IRS or state collection action, a tax consultation from the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service could be one of the best possible decisions you could make. Our Tax Attorneys are ready to help you. By making the decision to get a tax consultation from us, you can expect the expert advice, guidance and representation needed to get you through the various IRS or state collection processes as quickly, cheaply and painlessly as possible. 

Your tax consultation doesn’t just end with your first call to one of our specialists, as we have an entire team of consultants, attorneys, enrolled agents and CPAs ready and willing to stand by you. What’s more is the fact that our entire tax resolution team has a proven track record of results in helping people just like you, in the same situation and in the same state of mind. You are not alone. By getting a tax consultation with Flat Fee Tax Service you’ll receive the numerous benefits of years of experience from some of the best tax professionals in America.


The IRS has put together a program the Fresh Start Initiative. You may have heard of it. This program is aimed at taxpayers owing less than $50,000 to help streamline the burden of the collection process for both the taxpayer and the IRS. The guidelines offer some very attractive tax savings for qualifying taxpayers. It is highly recommended to have a trained tax professionals work with you through this program to guarantee you obtain the result you desired. The tax help focuses on three components: the Release of Federal Tax Liens, streamlined Installment Agreements, and IRS tax settlements through the Offer in Compromise program.


An Offer in Compromise is the optimum tax relief program. The majority of taxpayers seeking assistance with their tax debt want to go down this path. The OIC program is geared towards taxpayers in financial hardship or with certain exceptional circumstances that would create financial hardship if required to pay their tax debt. An Offer in Compromise will typically take 10 to 12 months, but the result of a fresh start is worth the wait. 95% of Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.'s clients have saved 96% of their tax debt.

Settling with the IRS is NOT a matter of pulling numbers from the sky. Do not be fooled by advertising that indicates that the IRS settles all case for a certain percentage. The Offer in Compromise - Doubt as to Collectability is doable by working a financial formula. 

Our ExpertiseFrom your first tax consultation, you will know with zero uncertainty that we specialize in one thing – resolving tax problems. It’s all we do, our only mission, and our only focus. In the same way that IRS agents are experts at attempting to get what they want from taxpayers, we will show you that we’re experts at dealing with the IRS and resolving tax debt problems.


Experience - Flat Fee Tax Service has been doing tax resolution for a decade. Our licensed professionals who are members of the team providing your tax consultation have over 75 years of combined experience working in the tax industry. Flat Fee Tax Service employs only the best staff available for every aspect of your tax resolution process.

You Will Lose The Anxiety - When our Tax Attorneys represent your interests and we offer you full protection under the law when dealing with the IRS or state we will save you hours and hours of stress, anxiety, and inefficiency. Your tax consultation will demonstrate to you that Flat Fee Tax Service knows what to say to the IRS and/or state, what not to say, when to be assertive and when not to be. Together, we can then face the IRS or state without fear and without concern.

Our Secret Ingredient - It's our very affordable flat fees. We have kept our fees the same from the time we started Flat Fee Tax Service. The work always remains the same. Our tax professionals know how long it will take us to stop an IRS tax levy. We know how long it will take our team to end a tax garnishment. We already know how many labor hours go into an Offer in Compromise. Some of our cases need a little more time than others but when you average it out, our flat fees always remain exactly right.

Here are just some of the service offerings Flat Fee Tax Service may discuss with you during your tax consultation:


This is a very popular option for those taxpayers who owe less than $10,000 (the Offer in Compromise minimum), can’t afford monthly payments but may have assets of value that they do not want to sell or have taken from them. If your current monthly income is less than your monthly expenses, this is a good place to start when choosing a resolution path. The IRS requires an IRS Form 433-F (financial) to calculate your monthly income and expenses and show that you have no disposable income at the end of the month.


Most taxpayers can resolve their tax debt with this option. Most of the time the total tax debt is paid in full, but the burden of paying a large amount at one time is shifted over a number of months without the threat of enforcement action. There are many different types of IA’s, usually depending on the amount of tax debt you owe and your compliance history. How the Installment Agreement is set up can prevent you from having tax liens filed as well as remove previously filed liens, as long as you agree to the terms of your IRS payment plan. The IRS may require that the payment is made by debit card to avoid a tax lien.


This is usually the best option for taxpayers with high net worth due to the fact that they will not qualify for most of the other hardship programs offered by the IRS. It is best to have the tax debt paid in full before petitioning for abatement because even after the penalty abatement is accepted, new penalties will be added to the debt if the taxes are not yet paid in full, leaving taxpayers in the same position. The IRS will require a one page summary of why you are entitled to a penalty abatement. You only get "one shot" at this. You must show a reasonable cause. A reasonable cause can be bad tax advice, a divorce, medical, loss of job, etc. It;'s better to have an IRS Tax Attorneys handle a penalty abatement but if you want to DIY, submit a well-written penalty abatement letter along with Form 843 to the correct IRS address.


You can expect the IRS to file a tax lien once a taxpayer owes more than $5,000.  A tax lien can be viewed as similar to an "insurance policy". A federal tax lien is a passive collection technique. A tax lien will protect the government’s interest in collecting the debt owed to them. A tax lien can only be removed once the tax debt is paid in full unless you qualify for release under the provisions of the IRS Fresh Start Initiative Program. Once again, if you want to DIY, you can request a hearing before your federal tax lien is filed if you respond to your notices.


An IRS garnishment is a continuous levy on your paycheck that remains in place until your employer receives notice of release. Tax garnishments on your wages can only be released by submitting full financial information. Once the tax garnishment is released, consider an Offer in Compromise or you must enter into an installment agreement to avoid future collections.


The IRS can issue a one-time levy on your bank account(s) and has rights to all of the funds in your accounts, up to the total balance due. You have 21 days from the date the tax levy was issued to get your money back. The tax levy 21-day window includes Saturday, Sundays and holidays. If you have a bank levy, you don't have any time to waste.






Taxpayers need to be what the IRS calls "compliant". Having unfiled tax returns is against the law. This is a "GIANT NO-NO". IRS Compliance means the last six years of tax returns must be filed. You simply need to file missing tax returns to become compliant again with the IRS. Our IRS tax relief firm can prepare any tax return, personal or business. Many taxpayers who owe for older tax years usually have many years that have not been filed and the IRS has decided to create a tax debt by use of a Substitute for Return. You cannot settle your tax debt or arrange an IRS Installment Agreement without being compliant.



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