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This company is WONDERFUL!  We had a tax debt that has hung over our heads for almost ten years. Without a lot of nonsense and stories and meetings, I was told exactly how much it would cost me and some possible outcomes. The price was very reasonable and fair. They allowed payments, which was great because we had no idea what arrangements IRS would demand, and I could email and get an answer within 24 hours. David is great, very nice and so helpful! We are now tax debt-free and they are still around if you have a question.  A+ service!

Melanie M.

Lemon Grove (San Diego), CA

Andrea P., a struggling taxpayer from Venicia, California (Northern California) was referred to Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. by one of our previous clients. She was not compliant with the IRS. She was missing a very old 2010 tax return. This desperate taxpayer owed the IRS $211,000.00. She has two (2) minor children and a decent job and made $4000.00 per month. She made more than enough money for the IRS to start seizing her paycheck through the levy process.


During our consultation, this struggling taxpayer confided that she had sent letters to the IRS regarding the Constitution. Let us make this perfectly clear: Sending letters to the IRS questioning the authorization of the IRS to collect taxes is never, ever a good idea. Do not do that.


After our consultation, Andrea P. became a client of Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Our IRS tax relief experts started working on her case immediately. Her 2010 tax return was filed and processed immediately. Our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys started the process of settling her IRS back tax debt through the Offer in Compromise program.


Today, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can proudly declare that our client has settled her $208,000.00 IRS tax debt for a total of $1,000.00. Our client will pay the IRS $200.00 per month for five (5) months for a grand (excuse the pun) a total of $1,000.00. Our client will get the "fresh start" that she and her minor children desperately needed.

David and Flat Fee Tax Service instantly ended my garnishments, got the previous garnishment money returned to me and saved me over $40K, which I did not have. Most importantly they gave me my freedom back. Having the IRS after you is mental torture that will not just go away! The IRS is relentless and the only very affordable solution is letting David and Dave fix this for you. They are also really nice guys to talk to! Good luck to all who were in my position, but there is only one way to make this go away, head on! These guys are the best! They saved my arse, they are very affordable on the monthly plan, they are quick to respond to my phone calls and emails, most importantly, they are professional, polite and really know their stuff! Don't try to deal with the evil 3 letters alone! Call these guys and end your nightmare! Peace!

Jim Hollywood (Jimmy Barrett)

"Wow! What a relief. An awesome result for me by Flat Fee Tax Service to finally resolve a longtime lingering IRS tax relief issue that I had with the IRS. If you have a problem with the IRS, if you owe back taxes and need help, you should contact these guys. They are perfect. My issue goes back to the recession. It was festering for 10 years. It finally came to a boil last spring. That's when I contacted Flat Fee Tax Service. They prepared an Offer-In-Compromise (OIC)

I received notice from the IRS today that my offer has been accepted. It reduces my back taxes, interest, and penalties substantially. Flat Fee Tax Service has an office in San Diego. But I never had to go there. It was all done via phone, email, and online. They handled everything. And they were prompt. They met all deadlines and kept me in the loop. They can help you anywhere in the United States. I could not be more pleased. Their fee was very reasonable and affordable." 

~David Pearling from Chula Vista

I am happy and glad to have found this excellent company. I live in San Francisco and there is a big smile on my face thanks to Dave and Flat Fee Tax Service. 
~by Craig G. from San Francisco

Praise God! I thank him every day for leading me to call you that day and you will never know what a burden you have taken from our shoulders! Thank You is just not enough! You are making a difference in people's lives and I am forever grateful. 
~by Robin G. from Winston County, Alabama

Flat Fee Tax Service was simply put amazing. They helped me every step of the way and did everything they said they would do. Even when the IRS made an offer that I was going to try to find some way to pay they said no we can do better and they did. Best decision I made was the choice to have them handle my tax matter. 
by Kelly M. - Louisianna

After losing thousands to another provider of tax services, I was a little skeptical of all such services. I found in Flat Fee a combination of qualities that convinced me. They had the best price, the most timely responses, the best ratings of all others I had researched. I was never disappointed at any stage. 
~by Emory S. - Indiana

My experience with Flat Fee Tax Service began while I was living out of state, but returning to Southern California within 18 months, when I received a lien notice from the IRS. I looked online at other tax assisting companies and even called a few before calling Flat Fee Tax Service just to obtain other business' advice. The advice was the same, with the exception that Flat Fee took the time to thoroughly explain the process, assure me that they would "take care of me". They stopped a wage garnishment immediately, returned all of my telephone calls and emails promptly and I just received notice my Offer to Compromise with IRS has been accepted! 
~by T. S. - Georgia

This Company is the best! The IRS said I owed them over $42,000! Going back to 2001, It had been a nightmare for me every year, letter after letter, any tax refund I was due, the IRS took. All the while I was working making a decent living, then a sudden health issue occurred, long story short, bad spinal surgery, could not work and was finally on SSDI and able to at least survive. After one or two payments I received a letter from the IRS "Final Notice", I panicked and began searching for help.


I ended up speaking with either Dave or David at Flat Fee Tax Service and I just knew these guys were on the ball. Their payment plan was the icing on the cake. The IRS garnished me one time for $230 and would have continued for the rest of my life since I owed them $42K. Flat Fee Tax Service is only $190 per month for ten months! Big difference, they stopped the garnishment and I just received a letter from the IRS that my case is closed:"Currently noncollectable", I was and am overjoyed as you can imagine! Trust these guys, call them and you will know they are honest, professional and fast. Anytime I emailed them I received a response within hours, sometimes minutes! I could go on and on about how great they have been, but I think you get the point. A+++ in my book!
~by Jim - Maryland

These folks were very easy to work with. They always returned my emails/phone calls in a timely manner. Their cost was VERY reasonable and they got my tax debt down to $500 from approximately $19,000. I would definitely refer them to others.
~by Robin J. - Indiana

Well, I have to YELL this out loud to all... I am so glad I found Flat Fee Tax... they are the Best...I live in Florida. One day 2 IRS agents come knocking at my door and wanted to collect the past several years of taxes... well I hadn't been able to pay... so I hired David and his team... they got the tax levy/wage garnish lifted within a few days... they communicated each and every time I had a question or concern...they will calm you down in times of concern...and now. today I am writing this because I just got my offer in compromise (o.i.c) accepted from the IRS, (wiped out, just under 50k down to $500... yes $500.00) I thought it would never fly.. but David and his team know what's best when it comes to tax problems...I highly, highly recommend this company and team to handle your tax needs... YAHOOOOOOOOO... so happy today...
~by Jeff H. - Florida

Dave and the guys and gals at Flat Fee Tax are great they promised and delivered great results.
~by Brent P. - Key West

Flat Fee Tax Service was successful in Negotiating an Offer in Compromise for me. They were the only qualified lawyers I found that had an up-front flat rate for what I needed, and I was very happy with the results they got for me in my case.
~by Matthew P. - North Carolina

Glad to see a new video! For all those reading this, Flat Fee Tax Service stopped my IRS levy, got them to refund the garnishment money and ultimately saved me over $40,000! They did an offer in compromise and I had to make 5 monthly payments of $50! Freakin awesome! I'm not a shill for them, just a really really happy customer! I tried to outrun the IRS but like the ad says, you can't! Call them, they are incredibly nice and very many experts on getting your problem resolved, and fast! After I got a final letter from the IRS I realized I had to just bite the bullet and find help. I'm on disability and broke but that didn't stop the IRS from taking 15% of my meager disability payment before I received the remaining little bit. I am so happy I did some homework and called these guys I can't even tell you the mental relief I felt afterword, even to this day! Thanks, Dave and David! You are the best!
~Jim H.

Hello David and Dave,

Just received the accepted offer in compromise (attached). I feel super incredible and that is all thanks to you!  


You did not mess around and got my case process fast, I was apprehensive because of my ignorance, but I am glad I have you on my side.


Thank you! 

Marcus C. La Habra, CA


S.K. Gore

These guys are the best. I am so thankful I found them to help with my debt problem. Dave, David, Holger and the staff at Flat Fee Tax service delivered what they promised. I was 53k in debt and they got the offer in compromise down to $500. I would recommend their service to anyone needing assistance.

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Cynthia L.

I'm very grateful that I found Flat Fee Tax Service and couldn't be happier with the service they've given me. I was indebted to the IRS for over 50K+ and tried to complete my own OIC (which was returned back to me). Thank God it was returned because I would've still been in a big mess today. Soliciting Flat Fee Tax Service, not only resolved my BIG IRS a headache but saved me a ton of $$$! My tax liability went from owing 50K+ to a settlement of $500.00!! Thanks to Flat Fees exceptional expertise and help.......I can now breath again! Thank you,.