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This is how it works. A citizen fails to file a tax return. The IRS counters the failure to file with a "Substitute for Return." By creating a "Substitute" the IRS has an inflated tax debt as well as the authorization to enforce collection. Then the IRS issues a tax levy order. This type of tax garnishment can seize your bank account and/or wages (paycheck). While the IRS continues to levy your paycheck, you still have unfiled tax returns that need to be prepared and an inflated tax debt that needs to be settled.

Thank goodness, our team of tax professionals know exactly what to do regarding tax problems caused by unfiled tax returns. Our Tax Attorney will stop a tax garnishment (usually in one day) and then proceed with a tax settlement.

Flat Fee Tax Service provides the following tax relief solutions:


  1. Stopping an IRS tax levy on your wages.

  2. Stopping an IRS tax levy on your bank account(s).

  3. Preparing and filing your missing tax returns.

  4. Innocent Spouse.

  5. IRS penalty abatements.

  6. Amending a tax return.

  7. Placing a taxpayer into Currently Not Collectible.

  8. An IRS settlement through the Offer in Compromise program.


When you call our tax professionals for your free

and confidential consultation, you want to know

what tax resolution services can you obtain.

You want to know what IRS tax relief programs

are available to you.

How Can I Resolve My
Unfiled Tax Problem?


The good news is that IRS amnesty (Fresh Start Initiative) for unfiled returns is available to taxpayers to settle their tax debt and clear their names. There are many IRS amnesty unfiled return programs, and your best bet is to find a trusted tax professional for unfiled tax return help. The two most common options to resolve an IRS tax debt are:

Installment Plan - IRS Payment Plan

Yes, there are several different IRS payment plans for which you may be eligible to qualify for, allowing you to repay the government in a scheduled period of time. Before you agree on an IRS installment agreement, give our tax professionals a call first. If you try and "do it yourself" (DIY), you may agree to pay more than you should. You may be eligible to settle with the IRS. Do yourself a favor, call our team before you make any decisions.

Offer in Compromise - Tax Settlement

The IRS will accept an Offer in Compromise, or a negotiated payment amount, to settle their outstanding debt from unfiled tax returns. There are procedures that must be followed.




Our experienced tax professionals can "challenge" an IRS Substitute for Filing (SFR) and cancel them out. Our IRS Tax Attorneys can replace your SFR's with actual tax returns and this can dramatically reduce your tax liability.

When you call our team for a consultation we will ask you
how much you owe in tax debt. We will ask you when you last filed your tax returns. Are you married or single? Do you have kids at home? Do you have any assets? If you do have assets, what are they? What is your gross monthly income? How much is your rent or mortgage payment? Do you have a car payment? How old are your cars? Do you have term life insurance? 


These are some of the questions that will determine what is the "best way to go" as far as what tax resolution services are available to you. A consultation takes approximately thirty (30) minutes. It's free and will be well worth your time.


Our tax professionals have an impeccable record and our fees are not only fair but very affordable. 






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