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What to do about Unfiled Tax Returns with the IRS

Updated: Apr 18, 2019


What to do about Unfiled Tax Returns with the IRS

If you have years of unfiled tax returns outstanding, you might be experiencing a wide range of questions, like:

1. Is the tax problem to big to fix?

2. Will my tax problem go away on it's own if "I lay low"?

3. Can I be charged criminally?

4. Assuming I want to file old missing tax returns, how do I do that if I am missing W-2 or 1099's?

Is this unfiled tax return problem too big to fix?

Probably not. Millions of Americans have unfiled returns. The IRS has entire processes built specifically around unfiled returns (#unfiledtaxreturns). Our software at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. goes back to the year 2000. If there was ever a reason to go back further, the IRS actually has available for download every year of tax return forms since 1913.

Does every missing tax return have to be filed?

Not necessarily. There are a few different IRS rules in place. Depending on your situation, it could be three years, six years, or eight years. But you only have to file if you had a filing obligation in the first place. For instance, if you were a full-time student and made no income, you do need to file a tax return.

I am worried about how much I will owe if I file my returns

This is a common reason why people don't file their tax returns in the first place in the first place. They are afraid of an IRS bill they can't pay. Bear in mind that owing the IRS money is not a crime. If it was there would be over a million more people in jail.

What is a crime is trying to hide income, or hide an ability to repay the IRS. Yet, having unfiled returns are the reason why many negotiations with the IRS fail.

For more information about payment options with the IRS, click here.

Will this problem go away if I lay low?

Don't count on it. The IRS will generate a tax bill for you even if you don't file a tax return. The IRS has a mechanism called "Substitute for Return" (SFR). These are not tax returns, they a tax bill. And these amounts are generally far higher than what you actually owe, so you are more likely to attract unwanted attention.

If you are levied while having unfiled tax returns, you have compounded your problem and it will be more difficult to have a levy released.

Can I be charged criminally?

IT's possible.. But few people are charged with failing to file a tax return. Most tax evasion cases involve situations where taxpayers file a tax return but understate their income.

What if I'm missing W-2s or 1099s or K-1s? How can I file my tax returns?

This is an issue our IRS tax relief team regularly tackles for our clients. The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will do a thorough investigation to ensure we have accurate numbers that we know the IRS will accept, even with no original documents. We’ve even correctly reconstructed profit and loss statements with very little information.

If you are trying to solve unfiled tax return problems by yourself, then you will want to request Wage and Income transcripts from the IRS for the years you need to file.






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