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What if an IRS Revenue Officer leaves an IRS Card on my Door? | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

If an IRS Revenue Officer leaves their card at your door, you need to contact the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc immediately because you need to be protected. An IRS Revenue Officer will usually come to your door on a Friday and leave their card on your door. This will give you the entire weekend to fill yourself with anxiety and freak out. This is a tactic of the IRS and is used all the time. If this happens, you need to get on your phone and call Flat Fee Tax Service at 1-866-747-7435. You absolutely do not want to ignore this. If you do, the IRS Revenue Officer will feel disrespected and will hold it against you. So, get yourself an IRS Tax Attorney right away.

ZIP IT UP! Should you encounter the Revenue Officer, you need to be polite and non-confrontational. You need to let the IRS Revenue Officer know that you have a Tax Attorney and that your Tax Attorney will call the IRS Revenue Officer back. Even if you do not have IRS tax representation, you need to do this. Your next step is to immediately hire an experienced IRS Tax Attorney. IRS Revenue Officers are the most experienced and sophisticated collection employees within the IRS. They work high dollar cases identified by the IRS to be of significance. The focus is given to business cases, employment tax liabilities (940/941 problems), repeat offenders and non-filers. The Revenue Officer area of enforcement is localized, with their offices located near your home or business. Most Revenue Officers work from their home. Revenue Officers are “field agents,” meaning they are expected to get out of the office and get into the field. Revenue Officers will show up at your business unexpectedly and yes they have the gun, a badge, and handcuffs. 

As written above, you should expect a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer on a Friday and quite frequently before a holiday weekend. The IRS wants to raise your anxiety level. Unless you are in a coma or like a lot of pain, a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer should get your attention and will have your mind racing. If the visit from the IRS does not gain your immediate attention, then there is something wrong with you.

If you are not in your office or at home, the Revenue Officer will leave their business card/calling card at the door. You will be requested to contact them by a set date. If you fail to voluntarily comply, the Revenue Officer has the power to summons your attendance at an IRS office. 

If you ignore the IRS, you can expect the Revenue Officer to start procedures to take your bank accounts, wages, retirement accounts and/or receivables. Revenue Officers can also seize any equity you have in cars, autos and business equipment, but these are usually last resorts in severe cases.

If you have received a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer, you should contact an experienced IRS tax professional. If you do not have professional tax representation, you are going to be a distinct disadvantage.

The IRS created a joint task force of Revenue Agents and Tax Auditors from the IRS Examination Division, Revenue Officers from the Collection Division and Special Agents from the Criminal Division to locate non-filers and secure compliance with requirements.

The IRS Revenue Officer wants case resolution and a closed file as much as you do.

Case resolution can mean an IRS Settlement through the IRS Offer in Compromise program, an IRS Payment Plan /  Installment Agreement or even having your case closed because you are Currently Uncollectible. Everything depends on your current finances.

If you have received a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer, yes, it is serious and requires your attention. You need representation. You do have Rights. The amount that the IRS claims that you owe may be incorrect. You may be eligible to settle your Tax Debt. Call our tax professionals and receive your free consultation.

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