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Updated: May 10, 2019

Houston, Texas IRS Tax Attorneys - Stop IRS Garnishment - IRS Tax Debt Settlements

Are you living in the greater Houston, Texas area and have an IRS tax debt? Do you have an IRS garnishment that needs to be released? Are you looking for a group of experienced tax lawyers to handle your IRS tax settlement? If you are, take a look at our IRS tax relief firm at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. One of the scariest things you can do alone is go head-to-head with the IRS. Look no further than the IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. to help get you back on track with your tax liability.

IRS Tax Help Houston Texas
IRS Tax Relief Houston Texas

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has many years of successfully tax settlement work for Texas citizens. Our IRS tax relief firm is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have always maintained an incredible A Plus rating. Our IRS Tax Attorneys, and tax professionals have hundreds of years of experience within the tax relief industry. If you need someone you can trust to resolve your IRS problem, please give us a call right away to see what kind of counsel we can give. Find out now from our BBB A+ Rated Texas Tax Lawyers

You may ask, "Why should I choose a San Diego, California tax relief firm to help me"? "You are so far away, how does this work"? As to the first question, our IRS tax relief firm has an impeccable record. You can check us out on the Internet. If there was any bad info out there, it's real easy for someone to tell the world that "they were done wrong". Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has never had a complaint.

IRS Tax Settlements Houston Taxas
Houston Tax Settlements

As to the second question, this is 2019. Everything is done via computer and smartphones. If you have a phone and access to a computer, you can take advantage of our incredible tax relief services and the most affordable tax resolution fees in the tax resolution industry.

The IRS Tax lawyers (#IRStaxattorneys) at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. deal with the IRS day-in and day-out, so know the correct allowable expenses, loopholes, and ways of dealing with them to negotiate the most favorable results for our clients, every time. We have numbers and contacts that normal taxpayers don’t have access to, so we can deal with IRS Revenue Officers without getting bullied around, or pushed into programs that aren’t ideal.

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Quickly Removing an IRS Wage Garnishments

Will One Day Work For Ya?

Our IRS Tax Attorneys routinely have IRS wage garnishments stopped and released in one day. Should you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case, it could take a little longer. If you have an IRS Revenue Officer that means you have not filed your tax returns in many years and/or have a tax debt of over $100,000. Having an IRS Wage Garnishment stopped and removed is the number one reason why a client calls us for a consultation. The IRS will order seizure of your paycheck your employer through a tax levy (or whoever takes care of payroll). The IRS will garnish a huge chunk of your paycheck every payday to start to pay off your tax debt. This can put a serious hurt on whatever monthly expenses that you have (child payments, rent, alimony, insurance, etc.), and they will continue to do so until someone, like our Tax Attorneys, stops them.

If you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation, it’s time to get help from an experienced IRS tax lawyer that has dealt with this tax problem many times over. Our IRS tax relief firm can get your wage garnishment removed very quickly (as in one day).

Negotiating Offer in Compromise Agreements The optimum IRS settlement agreement is to negotiate an Offer in Compromise with your IRS Examiner and the IRS. Navigating the Offer in Compromise process can be extremely difficult for normal taxpayers. If you qualify for an IRS tax settlement, you can expect to save 70%, 80%, 90% or even more on the amount you owe. Many of our clients have paid the IRS between $100 and $500 to settle their tax debt.

What the IRS is looking for with these settlement agreements is the inability of the taxpayer to repay your tax debt in a timely manner. The IRS has a complicated financial formula which includes you gross monthly income, your rent or mortgage, car payments, age of your vehicle, term life insurance, support payments, health insurance, utilities, food and clothing and asset valuations.



You really want to be careful with what you disclose to the IRS though, because if you give up too much information on your specific situation, the IRS may be able to add on more penalties, interest charges, and more to the total debt that you have.

The best way to try and negotiate an Offer in Compromise is to have an IRS Tax Attorney(#irstaxattorney) who does Offer in Compromise settlements on a regular basis. Our IRS tax relief firm deal with tax settlements statues, exemptions, laws, and regulations every single day, so we know the best ways of getting results. DIY? DO IT YOURSELF? NOT A GOOD IDEA Like anything to do with your taxes, you can do your own Offer in Compromise (#offerincompromise), just like you could completely build your car from the ground up, but its much better and faster to have a accredited professional do it for you.



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