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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Flat Fee Tax Service for more than a decade has provided taxpayers with the tax relief services of an affordable tax lawyer. The term "affordable" doesn't mean "cheap." Our tax professionals are well aware that our clients do not have a lot of money to play with. If they did, they could afford to pay their tax debt and wouldn't need IRS tax relief assistance. Flat Fee Tax Service decided more than a decade ago to charge our clients a very affordable tax lawyer fee. Many tax relief companies mimic and copy us, but no one can duplicate our level of tax relief service combined with our very affordable tax relief fees. Our tax resolution services cost and pricing guide will help you create an initial budget for hiring a tax resolution firm or a licensed tax professional to help you end your tax issues.


We understand that paying a tax resolution firm or a licensed tax professional to resolve your personal or business tax problems is can be a confusing decision. Our goal is to empower you with the information you can rely on to help you get "the most bang for your buck.". Flat Fee Tax Service does't want you to be over-charged. Whether you owe $10,000 or $90,000, the amount of work necessary to resolve your IRS tax problem is the same. Do not have a salesman try to trick you into paying more based on an estimate of your tax settlement.

Before you decide on hiring a tax resolution firm to provide tax relief services for you, it is essential to understand what your options are and their respective requirements. Many of the tax resolution companies out there will charge for all sorts of non-sense. Below is a list of superfluous ways of separating you from your wallet. 1. Tax Transcript Review & Compliance Check

Many tax relief companies charge $500 for a "compliance call" to the IRS. BREAKING NEWS: This call to the IRS HAS TO BE MADE when informing the IRS that a taxpayer has representation as the 2848 Form (Power of Attorney) is faxed to the agency. Flat Fee Tax Service includes this service in our very affordable flat fee. 2. Financial Analysis

Once again, this should be part of the tax relief service. To do any settlement with the IRS, a financial statement is required. Do not "get suckered". When someone decides to "come aboard" and engage Flat Fee Tax Service, they immediately receive our financial questionnaire which takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. DON'T PAY EXTRA FOR THIS.

How Tax Resolution Companies Charge Fees

FAT FEE TAX SERVICE CHARGES ONE AFFORDABLE FLAT FEE THAT IS CLEARLY DETAILED ON OUR WEBSITE. IRS TAX RELIEF FEES Once a tax resolution firm has detailed out their fees for specific services, ensure you understand how you will pay them via their contract or agreement:

Total Fee UpfrontDON'T DO THIS. What incentive would the tax resolution company have to have your work done quickly? Some tax resolution companies or tax firms require the entire fee upfront. Others offer payment plans but will give you a discount if you pay in full. **** Part of the Fees UpfrontFLAT FEE TAX SERVICE CHARGES $190 TO GET YOUR WORK STARTED. Some tax resolution companies or tax firms will ask for part of the fee upfront to get started. You end up paying the rest of the fee over a series of monthly payments.THIS IS "THE WAY TO GO." You don't want to over-pay upfront. If you have a small upfront payment followed by affordable monthly fees for a fixed amount of time, your tax professionals have a deadline to meet.If for any reason you aren't receiving the required tax relief services, you can pull the plug. Continuous Monthly Payments Until Case Closure DON'T DO THIS EITHER. Some tax companies continue to charge you a monthly fee until the case is complete. They may even have a hefty upfront fee. WHAT IS THE INCENTIVE TO HAVE YOUR WORK COMPLETED QUICKLY? Flat Fee Structure

Flat Fee Tax Service has been providing taxpayers with exceptional tax relief services for more than a decade.We haven't increased our fees because the work to resolve your tax problems hasn't changed. It is the same today as it was the day we incorporated.

I am Dave Rosa. It is both my pleasure and my responsibility to provide you with a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your IRS tax problem.

Our consultations are both free and confidential. Our conversation will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. We will provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Call 1-866-747-7435 for details. FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE








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