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Get Relief From Your Tax Debt - San Diego Tax Attorney Can Help

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

San Diego Tax Attorney - Tax Debt Relief

Are you looking for a trustworthy IRS tax law firm serving San Diego that can answer a few questions that you have regarding the back tax liability that you owe the IRS or the state of California (Franchise Tax Board)? Wouldn't you want to know if you are eligible and qualified for a variety of programs that the IRS is offering to help you finally get out of owing them money?

You need to give a call to our IRS tax relief firm at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

Our team of highly-rated IRS Tax Lawyers are ready to answer whatever questions or concerns that you have about your tax debt, and give you very do-able tax relief options.

When you have the IRS breathing down your neck, you need an experienced IRS Tax Attorney you can trust to go to battle with the IRS for you, who won’t get bullied and pushed around like normal taxpayers, but can work on your behalf to get the relief you deserve.

Give our office a call today!


The IRS Won't Just

Go Away

The biggest thing that most citizen taxpayers think about when it comes to back tax debt is that after a while, the IRS will just ‘go away’ and you will never have to deal with the actual tax problem. This isn’t true at all. If the tax agents haven’t come after you yet, it’ll only be a matter of time until the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Borad shows up at your home or business to try and get the money that you owe.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to actually get rid of this issue? A Qualified Tax Attorney Can Help You

One the best ways to handle this is to get in contact with people that deal with the IRS, current tax law and back taxes on a daily basis. Whether you have recently had a bank levy or wage garnishment placed, or even worse, have had a tax lien (federal or state) put on your house, our tax relief firm can help. Our team of tax lawyers (#IRSTaxAttorneys) will be able to figure out exactly what tax relief programs that you qualify for (Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, etc.), and get you started on the path to freedom.

So if you are ready to finally put your tax debt problems to rest, and get help with negotiating a favorable settlement for you, then you need to give us a call today at (800) 589-3078.

If not now, then when? They will never just go away.

Here are some of the services that we offer: 1. Determining if You Qualify for an Offer in Compromise One of the best ways you can save a "whole lot of money" on what you owe in tax liability is to qualify for an IRS Settlement Agreement through the Offer in Compromise program. This tax settlement program can save you up to 95% on what you owe. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has had many clients who have paid as little as $100 to $500 for their IRS tax settlement. If your monthly allowable expenses exceeds your monthly income, you are a great "candidate" for a successful Offer in Compromise. Our IRS Tax Attorneys will negotiate with the IRS based on your taxable wages, expenses, liabilities and individual situation to see if you can get into the program.


Not everyone is qualified and eligible under their strict regulations and statues, and even applying to the Offer in Compromise program without wise counsel (#IRSTaxLawyers) could lead to exposing more personal information to the government than you should. What you really need to do before calling your IRS revenue officer is to give one of our IRS Tax Attorneys a call for a free consultation, where we will walk through your specific situation to see if you can qualify.


OFFER IN COMPROMISE. How to Negotiate a Tax Settlement Like This

2. You Have File Your Unfiled Tax Returns A taxpayer must be what the IRS calls "compliant". That means that the last years of tax returns have been filed. If you don’t file them yourself, they will actually "file" what is called a "Substitute for Return" for you. A Substitute for Return (SFR) will not include any deductions, exemptions, or anything that would actually save you any money.

What the SFR does is this: the IRS will have created a tax debt (if you do not file, there is no tax debt. There isn't a tax refund either) which gives enforcement authority to the IRS. They can now garnish your wages, levy your bank account or seize property.

Our tax relief team can prepare your unfiled tax returns very quickly. Our IRS Tax Attorneys can help you file all back tax returns, and will work to get you every deduction and exemption that you qualify for, which could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the end.

3. Removing Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies and Tax Liens A very troubling way that the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or IRS can start to get back the money they are owed is to place a lien or levy on your property.

If either the IRS or FTB place a tax lien on your property, that means they are in control of your house, car, boats, RVs, etc., and you cannot do anything with them until your tax issues are handled to a satisfactory resolution. If you try to sell it, re-finance it, or anything else, the institution or governing body has the right to come in and claim ownership of it, leaving you with nothing. That leads us to the next possible action they can take – placing a levy on your property. The IRS and FTB will order a tax levy to seize your paycheck and/or bank accounts. You may know the term "tax levy" as a garnishment (#IRSwagegarnishent).

If you have faced either of these enforcement issues, you need to deal with them immediately before they get worse. Our tax relief firm full of trusted IRS Tax Attorneys can stop an IRS wage garnishment in one day and remove a tax lien immediately, and even prevent them from happening if they haven’t taken action yet. Believe us, if they haven’t gotten to you yet, it’s just a matter of time.

4. Stopping Wage Garnishments in their Tracks

The IRS has the legal ability to come into your business or employer, and actually garnish a portion of each of your paychecks. This enforcement action is known as a Federal Wage Garnishment, and can be devastating for your monthly disposable income and quality of life. They are legally able to garnish up to 70 percent of your wages, and will do so until your debt is fully paid back.


Imagine what your employer would think if the federal government came into their business, and told them you are dishonest about your taxes? What would they think about you from then on? Do you think they would want to promote you within their company?

Ours IRS Tax Attorneys can remove wage garnishments very quickly (as little as one day), so you can move on with your life and keep your earnings. If you have had a wage garnishment placed on your income, you should really give us a call today. Learn More about our Garnish Relief Program. 5. Negotiating Installment Agreements and Penalty Abatement Chances are that if you have tax debt problems and have built up a tax debt with the IRS, than you have had all sorts of penalties, interest rate charges, and more slapped on the amount you already owe. Someone with an IRS tax debt will see their tax debt double in approximately 4 1/2 years.

When you work with an experienced tax lawyer like the Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. to get your tax problems resolved, our tax relief team can more often than not get these penalties removed (known as Penalty Abatement), which can significantly reduce the amount that you owe. In the end, we would most likely able to also negotiate a re-payment schedule that would be much easier to manage (known as an Installment Agreement), so you can pay back the amount you owe over time instead of all at once like they would like you to do.

If you have a tax debt, please give us a phone call today, and we’d be happy to walk through your all of your tax relief options in a free consultation. These are things we do every single day, so have gotten very good at making them happen for our clients.







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