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Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Need a Tax Attorney to Deal With The IRS at an Affordable Flat Fee? Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Can Help You Settle & Resolve Your Back Tax Debt Problems Today!

Settle Your IRS Tax Problems Do you owe years of back taxes to the IRS? Do you owe the IRS more than $10,000? Are you in need of an IRS Tax Attorney that you can trust to help you with your tax debt problems? Are you suffering from tax garnishment, federal tax liens, levies, or IRS seizure? Should your answers to the above questions be in the affirmative, reach out to our tax attorneys and talk someone who can help you resolve your tax problems today. Our experienced tax attorneys help individuals and businesses deal with the IRS. Our tax relief firm can help you file years of late returns (#unfiledtaxreturns) and either settle your tax debt completely or negotiate a manageable payment. If you are facing IRS enforced collections, our tax attorneys can stop or prevent any collection efforts by negotiating directly with the taxing authorities.

If the IRS is sending you threatening letters, call our tax professionals and get the tax relief you deserve. The IRS Tax Lawyers at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., we can help get your tax problems behind you once and for all.

There is hope if you’re one of the millions of individuals who owe back taxes but can’t afford to pay the IRS in full. We can help you navigate the complicated and treacherous tax code of the IRS. You have rights and options. WHAT WILL AN IRS TAX ATTORNEY COST YOU IN LOS ANGELES? FIND OUT.

What You Should Know About Hiring a Tax Attorney. You a tax relief firm that will fight for you and knows how to use the tax code to your benefit. You need to know if the IRS tax relief firm has a proven track record. Check out their BBB record for starters. After finding out if they have been successfully providing taxpayers with tax relief for an affordable flat fee.

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC. CLIENTS HAVE A 90% IRS SETTLEMENT RATE OF SUCCESS. Owing a tax debt to the IRS is no laughing matter. Facing the IRS alone because of your back tax issue can be anxiety ridden. Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with that letter or phone call or worse, an IRS Revenue Officer showing up at your door. Handling a tax liability can be so overwhelming that many people try to just ignore the problem hoping and praying that it will somehow magically go away or that the IRS will forget about them. It won't. How do you know if you саn handle this situation yourself or do you need outside help? Call Flat Fee for your free consultation. If you don't need us, our team will tell you that. We will you know if you can handle things on your own and show you the pathway. The IRS is not your friend. The IRS will levy you. The IRS will garnish your wages. The IRS will seize your bank account(s). The IRS can padlock your business.

Why Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is the Right Choice: Affordable Flat Fee Tax Relief BBB Accredited - A Plus Rating Good People - Doing Great Work Free Consultations - 1-866-747-7435



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