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Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Are you having problems with the IRS? Do you have tax problems that you would like to be resolved? The tax professionals at San Diego based Flat Fee Tax Service are here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and of course, extremely effective. Our team of tax professionals has a 96% Offer in Compromise success rate. IRS problems will not suddenly "just go away" by themselves.

Tax problems keep getting worse with penalties and interest being added each day. If you owe the IRS, you have a very serious problem. It may take the IRS several years to catch up to you, but they're relentless and have no mercy in collecting all the money that is owed. When the collection process starts, they'll make your life miserable and literally ruin all aspects of your life.

Please take a look through our complete IRS problem resolution services by clicking on the links below.

IRS Problems

Haven't filed your tax returns for years? Go to: Non-Filed Returns

Do you owe Back Taxes(#IRStaxdebt) ? You have filed your returns but didn't have the money to pay what was owed. You may think, "I'll try and catch up next year." Before you know it you find yourself several years behind and suddenly there is a notice from the IRS, stating that you owe three or four times the original amount.

It is astonishing how quickly tax penalties and interest add up. Would you believe the penalties are are 5% per month through the month of May. That's 5% times 5. That becomes 25%. You do have a choice, you can write a very big check, which you probably cannot do, or you can just keep ignoring them while the penalties and interest keep piling up. You have another choice: You can call Flat Fee Tax Service and receive great tax relief representation.

Has the IRS placed tax liens on your home? Federal Tax Liens can really make your life complicated and miserable if you own "real property." When your taxes are not paid the IRS establishes a tax lien against all of your assets (especially real estate). This gives the IRS the legal right to collect taxes from the sale of your assets, which includes just about everything you own.

A tax lien can be against you, your spouse, or your company. A lien against your company would seize your accounts receivables. At this point everything you own is just one short step away from becoming the property of the United States Government. Is the IRS threatening to seize your bank account and take your money out of the bank. See Bank Levies.

Is the IRS threatening to take your paycheck, 401(k), and other retirement accounts? See Wage Garnishments. The San Diego tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service routinely have an IRS wage garnishment stopped and released in one day.

Is the IRS threatening to seize your personal property? Unlike the tax levy which involves tangible assets such as your paycheck or bank account, a seizure is the taking of physical assets, such as your home or car. IRS seizures usually happen in aggravated cases when someone ignores many requests by the IRS over a long period of time to pay their outstanding taxes.

An IRS seizure should not be taken lightly. The IRS will ultimately pursue seizure of your physical assets. Don't think they won't. Many a newspaper (look in the classifieds) and television show has reported citizens being forced out of their homes after it was sold at an IRS auction, often for as little as half its value. When the IRS seizes your assets they want to quickly sell them at auction. They often get less than half your assets value, so they often seize everything you own including your home, cars, boats, jewelry, motorcycles, insurance polices, and even your retirement funds.

IRS Solutions - IRS Tax Relief Options

Owe the IRS a lot of money? (more than $10,000) - Have you heard the phrase "Settle for pennies on the dollar!" See Offer In Compromise.

Need more time to pay. See Payment Plan.

Can't Pay the IRS tax debt but you aren't qualified for an Offer in Compromise? See Currently not Collectible.

Like to get out of a tax debt caused by misdeeds committed by your spouse? See Innocent Spouse Relief.

Requesting copies of your IRS file is best done by a professional who understands how to obtain them without raising any red flags as well as how to interpret the information in your file.

The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service has been providing valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee for a decade. Our teams are located in San Diego, California, and Clearwater, Florida. Consultations are free and take only 20 to 30 minutes of your time.


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