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The IRS does not make exceptions when it comes to collecting income tax debt and the penalties added to your tax debt. If you are receiving notices (threats) from the IRS to garnish and seize your wages or bank account, you have reached the “tipping point” of your income tax debt problems. Once the IRS exercises wage garnishment (enforcement action) against you, they have the ability to seize your entire paycheck.

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The Great News is that the IRS Tax Relief Team at Flat Fee Tax Service will have your IRS wage garnishment stopped and released in 24 hours. Our IRS Tax Help Team can have your IRS wage garnishment within a few hours of becoming our client.

Before the IRS can garnish (levy) your wages (paycheck), the IRS must send you two notices. It is important to note that the IRS can send those 2 notices to any address that is on file for you. So, you may have never actually have seen the notice to levy. These notices should be taken seriously, and the best thing you can do is pursue professional wage garnishment help to stop the wage garnishment The first letter is a warning (CP-297), demanding you to pay off your outstanding tax debt. If you fail to take action after a set amount of days (30), you will receive a second, and final notice from the IRS (CP-90). If you still fail to take action, the IRS will begin garnishing your wages. It it isn’t enough that your wages are seized and confiscated, the IRS will also contact your employer to notify them of the wage garnishment. Not only is your income tax problem stripped of its confidentiality, but your personal and professional well-being is at stake!

Our Wage Garnishment Lawyers Will Stop Your IRS Wage Levy.

In order to stop the IRS wage garnishment, it is crucial that you consult an experienced professional wage garnishment lawyer. The experienced IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will contact the IRS immediately, and can usually stop wage garnishment within 24 hours. We are available to you, offer free consultations, and offer up-front pricing clearly posted on our websites.






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