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Updated: May 10, 2019

IRS Tax Debt Settlement - San Diego Tax Attorneys

SAN DIEGO TAX ATTORNEY - IRS TAX SETTLEMENT Do you have more than $10,000 in tax debt? Are you receiving IRS notices? Are some of these notices coming via certified mail? If this is your situation, call the San Diego Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. The IRS is not to be trifled with. The agents at the IRS are very serious people. The IRS is the world's largest and most powerful collection agency. If you have received letters from the IRS for unpaid taxes or unfiled tax returns, you don't have time to waste. Don't wait for the IRS to "box you into a corner". The IRS will begin legal proceedings by mailing aggressive collection letters to your home, followed shortly by a court order and a knock on your door from an IRS agent. These IRS notices are sent through the IRS computer system (Automated Collection System). These IRS notices are designed to lead up to IRS enforcement actions.

Our San Diego Tax Attorneys Stop IRS Wage Garnishments in One Day. Our San Diego Tax Attorneys Fight For Our Clients Everyday. The IRS will garnish your wages, levy the funds in your bank account, file a federal tax lien to severely damage your credit score, and possibly seize your home. In addition, a new law has passed in Congress that the IRS will revoke passports of Americans and prevent them from leaving the country if they owe IRS taxes. The IRS is a federal law enforcement agency. The IRS has a criminal division. Arrests are made daily for ignored and unpaid tax liabilities! ​If you have received any notices / letters from the IRS, call the “San Diego Tax Attorney - IRS Tax Settlement” (#IRSTaxAttorneys) team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. today. What do you have to lose? Seriously, what do you have to lose? Are you at a point of life when you want these tax problems to go away? You can call our IRS tax relief firm for a free telephone conversation with an experienced San Diego tax lawyer. FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC. CLIENTS HAVE A 90% IRS SETTLEMENT SUCCESS RATE.

Our professional staff of well respected San Diego tax lawyers and former IRS agents have represented thousands of San Diego residents and citizens throughout the USA. We know exactly what to do to obtain the best IRS settlement agreement (#OfferinCompromise) possible for your IRS tax problem. Our San Diego Tax Attorney - IRS Tax Settlement team will resolve and settle your tax issues. With our IRS tax relief team fighting for you, you will no longer have any sleepless nights or ever have to worry about the IRS issuing any levies, garnishments, liens, or seizure of your home or property.

Why Do I Need San Diego Tax Attorney? The IRS is known to strictly enforce tax debt collection by: IRS Wage Garnishment IRS Bank Levy Property Seizure Federal Tax Lien


If you have not filed your tax returns and owe the IRS money, the IRS will not only issue enforcement action against the amount owed. The IRS will create a "Substitute for Return" which is not a tax return. A Substitute for Return (#unfiledtaxreturns) comes with a substantial amount in penalties and interest on top of that amount. What many people do not know is that the Substitute for Return will be created without notifying you and give you no deductions nor exemptions and tax you at the highest tax rate, while also adding on substantial penalties and interest!  An IRS wage garnishment, unfiled tax returns, IRS bank levies some of the reasons why you may need a San Diego Tax Attorney.

Where Do You Begin?

It all starts with a phone call. We offer a free and confidential consultation. You do not need to feel like if you call in, you will be pressured to "open your wallet". We do not have salesmen on staff. No one takes credit cards over the phone.


We provide taxpayers with our very best advice so they can be informed. After we do provide you with your tx relief options, we leave it all up to you. Obviously we would like you to choose our tax relief firm. But if you don't, we sincerely wish you the very best. FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC. RELIES ON OUR REPUTATION, PERFORMANCE RECORD AND OUR VERY AFFORDABLE FEES TO ATTRACT CLIENTS.



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