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IRS Garnishment | IRS Wage Levy | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

IRS Garnishment - IRS Wage Levy - Stop and Release in One Day Have you received a notice of "intent to Levy" 30 days ago and decided to ignored it? Now it's Payday. Expecting a full paycheck, you open the envelope and find that the IRS has taken most of your money. Looks like you aren't going out for that beer after work. When hit with an IRS Garnishment, there will not be enough money to pay your rent, your car payment, buy groceries, or pay the rest of the bills. This IRS enforcement action will continue on every check due you, until your tax debt is paid in full.

We don't have to tell you that you are in big financial trouble. No matter how hard you plead with your employer they can not give you your money. Once an IRS garnishment (#IRSwagegarnishment) is served on your employer, your employer is required by law to hold back a large percentage of each of your paychecks.

Flat Fee Tax Service are regularly retained to negotiate the release of an IRS garnishment by either getting you placed in Currently not Collectible status, settling your tax debt through an Offer in Compromise or the last resort, negotiating an Installment Agreement.

You have rights as a U.S. taxpayer, and our tax professionals will stand up to the IRS and work to find alternatives to the extreme collection tactics of a tax levy, IRS garnishment, or tax lien. It may be possible to make an “Offer in Compromise” or to qualify for a streamlined program that will allow you to settle and retire the debt over time. We immediately review your circumstances and develop tax relief options that will meet with IRS approval. These options provide additional time to either settle your tax debt, place you Currently not Collectible status or repay the debt as well as additional breathing room and access to your financial resources. The “attorney-client privilege” protects our conversations and allows us to work candidly and effectively to understand all that has happened, and to identify and implement the best solution that will allow you to resolve all of your IRS tax problems and move forward with your life.



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