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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

San Diego IRS Tax Relief - IRS Tax Debt Help in San Diego There are many IRS tax relief companies out there and it can be confusing. You want to know if a tax relief company is legitimate, if they will actually help you and will they "rip you off." Flat Fee Tax Service can resolve very specific tax relief issues. They include, but not limited to these types of IRS Tax relief solutions: 1. Can’t Pay Back Taxes - Unpaid taxes is the start of the IRS (and FTB) collection process, the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service can take immediate action for you and prevent penalties and interest. Flat Fee Tax Service will find the best tax relief solution for your Federal and State Taxes situation.

2. IRS Penalties and Interest removal – arise from the Internal Revenue Service determining you have unpaid back taxes, unfiled tax returns, or you have made a late filing, our Tax Attorneys know all of the updated laws and we can use them to your advantage to possibly get some penalties abated (removed).  We can help get IRS tax relief from the penalties added to your tax debt. 3. IRS Notices and CP Letters - When the IRS computer (Automated Collection System) determines that you owe back taxes they will then begin to take enforcement /collection action. Flat Fee Tax Service knows the proper way to respond to the IRS & State Agencies based on the letter you have received. We have experienced tax professionals who can take immediate action before collection issues arise on your behalf and protect you from bank levies, tax garnishment, property seizures and other forms of IRS Collection methods. 4. IRS Tax Lien - An IRS tax lien (federal tax lien) is another step the IRS takes toward actual forced collection of back taxes owed. An IRS tax lien will significantly hurt your financial situation and future ability to take out loans or borrow on credit. It could destroy your credit. Flat Fee Tax Service will work for you to get these tax liens removed & help restore your credit rating which also helps your future employment opportunities. A tax lien is a "passive" collection action. By that we mean the IRS or state taxing authority isn't seizure any money immediately. Think of a tax lien as an "insurance policy" for the IRS.

5. Tax Levy - A tax levy is the strongest weapon of the IRS and state taxing authorities. The IRS will order a tax levy when they decide that they want both money and they want to get your attention. The IRS and states can seize any assets and property that they can legally take from you. Our Tax Attorney can protect you from a tax levy action.

READ MORE: IRS TAX LEVY 6. Currently Not Collectible (CNC) - IRS Currently not Collectible status means that the IRS has determined a taxpayer qualifies for "hardship status" and that the amount owed to the IRS is not collectible at the present time.   Currently not Collectible status will usually go for 18 to 24 months before the IRS re-evaluates the taxpayer's ability to pay their tax debt. If a taxpayer’s financial situation improves, the IRS will take the account off the CNC status and begin the collection process. Flat Fee Tax Service can help you in getting your Currently not Collectible status and negotiate an interest and penalty removal.


7. IRS Wage Garnishment -

An IRS wage garnishment is one of the most common forms of tax levy used by the IRS. Our IRS Tax Attorney routinely have a IRS wage garnishment stopped and released in one day. We have experienced tax professionals who know how an IRS wage garnishment works and what laws can be used to release this onerous tax levy. Flat Fee Tax Service has never failed to stop an IRS wage garnishment. NEVER!

READ MORE: IRS WAGE GARNISHMENT 8. IRS Bank Levy - An IRS bank levy can be a financially devastating collection enforcement tool used by the IRS. The tax pros at Flat Fee Tax Service understand how the ban kevy process works and what can be done to stop the levy. An IRS bank levy will order your bank to hold your money for 21 days. On the 22nd day, the bank will send your money to the IRS. You do not have anytime to waste. The time for action is immediate. READ MORE: IRS BANK LEVY 9. IRS Payment Plan - An IRS installment agreement (#paymentplan) is one of the most common forms of tax settlement used by the IRS. An IRS installment agreement isn't really a "tax settlement." A taxpayer needs to be very careful before entering into a payment plan with the IRS. There are many factors that come into play that you will be unaware of. If you owe $10,000 or more, be sure to get a tax relief consultation before agreeing to anything. We can help get the very best IRS payment plan possible. READ MORE: IRS INSTALLMENT AGREEMENT

10. IRS Offer in Compromise  OIC - An IRS Offer in Compromise is offered by the IRS to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE CLIENTS HAVE SAVED, ON AVERAGE, 96% OF THE TAX DEBT AND HAVE HAD A 95% OFFER IN COMPROMISE APPROVAL RATE. OFFER IN COMPROMISE SUCCESS STORIES

There are three major considerations for an IRS Offer in Compromise which will effect your the outcome. If you qualify, your San Diego Offer in Compromise tax settlement, could be considerably less than you currently owe. Call us now to see if you qualify for tax relief via a successful IRS Offer in Compromise.


11. Unfiled Tax Returns - Unfiled tax returns can lead to some of the biggest problems with the IRS. Flat Fee Tax Service can file your unfiled tax returns. Failure to file penalties can boost your tax debt immensely. You cannot settle your tax debt and receive tax relief until you are compliant. Being compliant means that the last six (6) years of tax returns are filed. READ MORE: UNFILED TAX RETURNS Does your tax problems fall into one of the above tax relief categories? If so, give our tax professionals a call. It will be well worth it.





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