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IRS Tax Relief | Los Angeles | Flat Fee Tax Service | San Diego

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

IRS Tax Relief - Los Angeles, San Diego, California - Flat Fee Tax Service

No matter your income level, everyone can be subject to falling behind on their taxes; especially since Los Angeles, California can be home to some of the most expensive tax rates and living expenses in the USA. If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego and anywhere in California and have been in the need of tax relief, there are many options out there that can help.


The main reasons for engaging Flat Fee Tax Service is because our tax professionals offer great results at very affordable fees. There are many cases when a taxpayer/citizen would need to consult a tax professional for their tax problem. No matter how you look at it, thousands of dollars is a substantial amount of money in Los Angeles and San Diego; difficult for anyone to set aside for the pay off tax issues. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for tax relief services for Los Angeles residents:

IRS Tax Relief Programs

Are your taxes not paid in full? Not everyone that fails to be pay their taxes or file a tax return is looking to do so purposefully. For many different reasons, you may have unfiled tax returns. This is a major "NO-NO." This tax problem can happen to anyone and isn’t uncommon with our tax relief clients.When you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS will create a tax debt by filing a "Substitute for Return." This will provide a tax debt that the IRS can collect.

Now that you owe the government money, the IRS will assess you with a failure-to-pay penalty. The fee for this usually starts out around 0.5 percent per month and continues until the full offers in compromise are paid off or until the limit is capped off at 25 percent. As a "rule of thumb" a Substitute for Return will double whatever the tax debt really should be.

Our San Diego-Los Angeles Tax Professionals know how to obtain a tax settlement.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to file your tax resolution, you can be facing an even bigger problem from the IRS. As we previously wrote, the IRS may file a substitute tax return on your behalf. Other times, you may not be so lucky. If the IRS does decide to file a substitute return for you, the only consequence you would face is the fact that you would not receive the money that you would have if you did file your taxes on your own.

If they do not file for you, the IRS would apply a failure-to-pay penalty on your account. The penalty for completely failing to file your taxes is a lot worse than failing to pay a credit card on time.

The failure to file fee is 5 percent of the unpaid taxes for each month that your return is late (until it gets to 25% per year). This is a very steep price to pay and can add up very quickly, putting individuals into tax issues. Situations like these are when tax relief services are needed the most.


If you choose not to get professional tax relief help, you could be facing intimidating situations on your own. The IRS can collect money or penalize you for the amount of tax  payments that you owe with a tax lien or tax levy.

Our tax lawyers help fight the IRS by specializing in Installment Agreements, Offer in Compromise OIC, and the IRS hardship program.

If you are in need of a tax relief professional in the Los Angeles area, look no farther than FLAT FEE TAX RELIEF. Our team of experienced tax professionals can help you get the tax relief service you need. Ignoring your tax problems won’t make them magically go away. In fact, doing so would only lead to more IRS problems in the future.

Many people believe that once you fall into tax problems there’s no way out. That thought is simply not true. There are many solutions to tax problems that even the IRS is willing to offer. Tax relief options such as an installment agreements and offer in compromise (#IRSsettlement) can help you to finally get your tax problems under control. If you are facing issues with the IRS tax relief seizing your properties, there are even ways in which you might be able to get it back.

Utilizing the help of a Los Angeles-San Diego, California tax relief professional will allow you to easily understand the different tax relief options available to you. The quicker you get in contact with us, the quicker we can help you to settle your IRS tax relief while helping you to retain as much of your property and assets as possible. It’s never easy to deal with the IRS alone. With the help of Flat Fee Tax Service, you won’t have to.


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