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IRS Tax Relief - 2848 Form

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

IRS TAX RELIEF - THE IRS 2848 FORM Our IRS tax relief team cannot represent you before the IRS without a Power of Attorney being filed with the IRS. An IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney) is filed with the IRS immediately upon becoming a client of Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

Our team will send you our Client Agreement and an IRS Form 2848 Form. We print your name at the to of the document. To the right of you name is a box which identifies as: taxpayer identification number(s). That is your Social Security number.

On the second page, on line 7, we will print your name once again. This is where you sign your name and date.

That is all you need to do. You are now represented by an IRS Tax Attorney. The very first step in getting you IRS Tax Relief Help. How easy is that?

The IRS will not speak to our IRS tax relief team without the 2848 Form (Power of Attorney) being filed.

Our IRS Tax Attorney (#IRStaxattorney), who will be representing you will call the IRS and find out exactly what your IRS tax problems are and file the 2848 Form via fax to the IRS as soon as you become an IRS tax relief client.

From this moment on, the IRS will be conversing with your IRS tax relief team led by your IRS Tax Attorney instead of you. You will never be "out of the loop" as the IRS will send a Notice to you as well as our IRS tax relief team. You will always be informed.

Our clients work directly with our IRS Tax Lawyers. You will the direct phone number to your IRS Tax Lawyer. We do not "pass you on" to an assistant. You will always have a "one on one" relationship.




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