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IRS Tax Relief - IRS Tax Debt in Riverside, California

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Riverside California IRS Tax Relief - Tax Debt

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. would never judge you.

The IRS Tax Attorneys at our qualified tax relief firm serving Riverside, California completely understand how difficult it can be to keep up with your tax payments. We all know how tough life can be. Unfortunately, as hard as it can be to keep up with your tax payments, it can be even harder to get out of tax debt with the IRS once you have fallen behind.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. know it can be hard to admit that you’re in tax trouble and you are struggling. You may be too embarrassed to reveal to others that you’re deep in tax debt and that you’re afraid you’re going to lose everything. Yet if you take a moment and realize you’re not alone, and reach out to our qualified tax relief firm we can help you.


Give our office a call today! 1-866-747-7435 How our Qualified Tax Relief Firm Can Help:

Each year our qualified tax relief firm helps numerous individuals reduce their tax debt by working with a dedicated IRS Tax Attorney.

Trust the Right IRS Tax Relief Firm: At first, the idea of our tax debt relief firm may seem too good to be true. After all, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has an impeccable record of success and charge the lowest fees. You may wonder how can that be? How do we do it?

Well, we don't have salesmen. Nothing against salesmen as everyone needs to make a living. However, we are not going to pay someone to do what we can do. If we did, we would need to add another $500 (or more) to our fee. We also do not advertise on television or do Google pay per click ads. If we did. we would have to add another $1000 to $2000 to our fees. Check out our Better Business Bureau. We have no client complaints. Yet, despite what it may seem like, our firm is really filled with hardworking and down-to-earth employees who provide our clients with the best tax resolution possible. Our tax relief firm alone employs a number of highly qualified and experienced IRS Tax Attorneys, who work tirelessly to eliminate and reduce an individual’s tax debt and to help them get their life back on track. Negotiating an Offer in Compromise and IRS Installment Agreements:

Two of our most effective programs are IRS settlement agreements through the Offer in Compromise program and IRS Installation Agreements. Though different, both of these programs can drastically change your economic situation. It’s likely than one of these programs can and will perfectly suit your needs.

An Offer in Compromise (#OfferinCompromise) will forgive a significant amount of your debt. Many of our clients have paid as little as $100 to $500 to settle their tax debt. If you qualify for this tax settlement program, you could reduce the amount of money you owe by up to 90%. A reduction like this could drastically improve your financial situation.

Meanwhile, an Installment Agreement (#IRSinstallmentagreement) would allow you to establish a payment plan. As a result, you would be able to repay your debt in increments. With a payment plan you would be able to have some wiggle room in your finances, so you could continue to keep up with other bills and make other significant payments. THE THREE MAIN REASONS WHY CLIENTS NEED US:

1. They need an IRS Wage Garnishment stopped and released immediately.

2. They have years of unfiled tax returns that need to be prepared quickly.

3. They need to lower their tax debt and need to settle with the IRS.

Remove IRS Wage Garnishments Quickly:

Is One Day Fast Enough?

Usually the reason why a client calls in to Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is because they need an IRS wage garnishment(#IRStaxlevies)tstopped and released. An IRS wage garnishment release is one of our standard tax relief services. Essentially, a wage garnishment is a tax levy placed on your paycheck. An IRS wage garnishment allows the IRS to take at least 25% of your hard earned money to pay back the amount you owe. The IRS can take much more than 25%. In fact the cal take it all through what is called a "Manual Levy".

Though this may seem unfair, it is actually completely legal. If you are currently dealing with this type of problem, you need to act quickly to get your IRS Wage Garnishment removed, so you can live your life more easily. You can call our firm in Riverside to set up a free, one-on-one consultation. We will work with you to help get the garnishment off of your monthly paycheck. Don't be Embarrassed by your Tax Debt and Contact Us Today:

We don’t care what circumstances resulted in your debt. For the most part, we are more aware than other firms that life can take sharp and unexpected firms. Whatever your situation, we’d rather help you than judge you. That’s the mission statement of our qualified tax relief firm.

If you live in Riverside or in the Riverside area, contact us as soon as you can. Our IRS Tax Attorneys are located in San Diego, California. To become one of our clients is a phone and access to a computer. That's it. It doesn't matter where you live in the United States as the IRS does business by phone, fax and mail. Regardless of what is going on with your life, our tax relief team will do everything in our power to help you and keep you from drowning in tax debt. Call Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. for your free consultation and let’s start the process of saving you money and eliminating your debt to the IRS.




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