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IRS Tax Attorney | Tax Settlement | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Feb 12, 2020


Dealing with possible receiving an IRS tax settlement involves navigating the complicated IRS Code. An IRS Tax Attorney has the knowledge of tax law and expertise needed to protect you from IRS enforcement.

The Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service are exclusively interested in your IRS tax relief and will negotiate and fight with the IRS on your behalf. Our tax professionals work tirelessly to reduce your tax debt and resolve your IRS tax problems. Our tax professionals offer tax debt help to individuals and businesses with IRS debt problems.

The Internal Revenue Service has an army of tax lawyers and agents looking out for the government's best interests as they should; as a taxpayer, you should have the same benefit of an experienced tax attorney who is looking out for your best interest and personal security. Our IRS Tax Attorneys have helped hundreds of clients to reduce tax debt and saved our clients many thousands of dollars. Our IRS tax pro's have honed our negotiation skills to get the best possible IRS tax settlement for each client.

The Tax Attorney (#IRStaxattorneys) assigned to you will work aggressively on your IRS tax relief solutions. Our IRS tax relief team provides assistance with IRS settlement negotiation for the abatement of penalties and interest on the IRS tax debt owed, which can save you thousands.

If you are in danger of, or experiencing, IRS bank levies, federal tax liens or an IRS garnishment, we can help remove federal tax liens, release IRS garnishments and return control of your assets to you.

Flat Fee Tax Service is the nation's leading full-service IRS tax relief firm. The IRS tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can negotiate installment agreements. You may be qualified for hardship status and Currently not Collectible.

If you are hesitating to secure the services of a tax attorney out of financial concerns, Flat Fee Tax Service will always help you. We are dedicated to providing tax debt help to our clients with low, affordable fees, as well as, guaranteed easy payment plans to fit your budget.

Our IRS Tax Professionals Are Dedicated to Finding

IRS Tax Settlement that Works for You

The most critical factor in receiving a tax settlement with the IRS is the ability to retain an experienced and knowledgeable Tax Attorney. Flat Fee Tax Service will provide you with the representation you need to obtain a fresh start and enjoy a life free of tax debt.

Once again, we offer low, affordable fees,

plus easy no interest financing.


Below are our IRS tax relief services:

Settling Your Tax Debt for a Fraction Owed through the Offer in Compromise program Removing Interest Charges and Penalties through an IRS Penalty Abatement Removing Federal Tax Liens Preventing or Stopping IRS Garnishment - Our IRS debt Attorneys Stop IRS Garnishment in One Day Preventing or Stopping IRS Bank Levies Preventing or Stopping Property Seizures Innocent Spouse Protection Placing Clients into Currently not Collectible Status

We Offer Very Affordable Fees for IRS Tax Relief

Our IRS Tax Relief Firm Provides IRS Protection Nationwide

Are you worried about your ability to afford IRS Tax Relief costs? (Our Fees) Are you concerned about qualifying for Flat Fee Tax Service financing? No need to be concerned. Our very affordable fees and terms are posted on our websites. We offer to finance every one of our clients. You can afford expert representation and start focusing on what is important—making your life tax-debt-free. You have no excuse. Click Below:


Our IRS Tax Relief Team Provides IRS Protection Nationwide

With our easy payment plan, you will have the resources to obtain the Tax Debt Attorney that you need and deserve. Don’t let yourself be bullied by the IRS just because you don’t want to tie up your cash to hire a top-notch Tax Debt Attorney (#IRStaxattorneys).

Applying is simple very simple - Give our tax relief team a call.


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