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IRS Settlement | Tax Settlement | Los Angeles | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Tax Settlement - IRS Settlement - Los Angeles

Has the IRS caught you not paying your back taxes? If the IRS has sent you a "A Notice of Intent" or other certified notices, it's probably best to discuss a possible tax settlement of your tax debt. An IRS settlement is highly recommended if you've committed an honest mistake in not filing for the proper taxes or if the tax debt you have to pay is more than you can pay after paying your normal every day expenses.

First Tax Relief Option

It is better for you to take positive action regarding the IRS before the agency enforces collection. If the IRS contacts you first by sending you a certified notice, act on it quickly and do not put things off. It is the opinion of our tax professionals, the worst thing to do is ignore the government tax agency.

Once you've acquired a full assessment of your tax debt, then you can assess if you can pay your tax debt in full, in partial payments, or settle with the IRS. Paying your tax debt in parts would entail paying interest rates and other penalties.

Installment Agreements

If you are unable to pay for your tax debt in full, then an IRS settlement would be a viable tax relief option. If you owe the IRS less than $10,000, you cannot settle your tax debt and it probably be best if you go online to the IRS website and enter into an Installment Agreement. The smaller the assessment, the easier it is for you to adjust your payment options accordingly. Of course, this kind of IRS settlement will also mean having to pay extra due to interest rates incurred.

Offer in Compromise -

IRS Settlement

Another option for an IRS settlement is the Offer in Compromise (OIC). This is a settlement agreement involving the IRS and the taxpayer that allows the taxpayer to settle their tax debts for far less than they actually owe.


Dealing with the IRS

The IRS can be very tough and difficult to deal with. But this does not mean you have to "fight fire with fire." You should deal with the agency civilly and discuss with them the best tax settlement option for you. Don't get "into it" with the IRS. It is better to back off, get yourself an experienced tax professional and lay low.

Our very best advice is this: hire a licensed and experienced tax representative to discuss and negotiate the tax settlement for you. In fact, it is highly recommended that you hire a tax professional / tax relief expert to deal with your IRS tax problems, because they are knowledgeable and well-equipped to deal with these problems directly.

Reputable firm

A reputable tax relief firm that routinely deals with an IRS settlement is Flat Fee Tax Service. Our tax relief firm employs tax debt experts and they are experienced in dealing with tax problems concerning tax debt. Our team of tax professionals are Accredited with the Better Business Bureu and have always maintained an A Plus Rating. BBB Reviews.

I am Dave Rosa. It is my duty and pleasure to provide you with a free and comprehensive consultation. Our conversation will take 20 to 30 minutes of your time. Call 1-866-747-7435

Our team makes this promise to you: we will provide personal solutions to your specific tax problem, and we promise to negotiate the best possible tax settlement for your IRS problem.

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