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IRS Levy Notice Help | IRS Tax Levy Help | Flat Fee Tax Service | San Diego

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Have you received an IRS Levy Notice? Call the affordable IRS tax levy help team at Flat Fee Tax Service today and save your paycheck. Our IRS Tax Attorneys are here to save your paycheck.

The affordable IRS levy help team at Flat Fee Tax Service can have your IRS wage levy released in a matter of hours. Having an IRS levy stopped and released is what our IRS Tax Attorneys do on an everyday basis.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t You Want To Keep Your Paycheck?

You know that as a general rule, the IRS will send out a notice to levy to taxpayers and businesses who have not responded to billing notices.

The IRS L-1058 Notice will be the last notice prior to the IRS seizing your bank account or paycheck. Seizing your bank account and/or paycheck is called a levy. Many people call a levy “a garnishment.” A Federal Tax Lien will also be issued. A notice to levy could have been sent to a taxpayer “years ago.” The levy notice only has to sent once and can be sent to any address that the IRS has for a taxpayer.

The IRS generates information regarding your assets in a variety of ways. The IRS will store information from your tax return, W-2, 1099, and bank information regarding interest paid. The IRS will also take notice of deposits to bank accounts in excess of $10,000. The IRS will notate your last three (3) employers.


Nationwide Leader in having an IRS Levy Stopped and Released.

It usually takes our tax professionals a matter of a few hours to have an IRS levy stopped and released. The IRS Tax Attorneys give an IRS garnishment top priority. What could be more important than saving someone's paycheck?

We do not recommend that a taxpayer handle their own levy release. If you do, you may be able to get the levy stopped but the IRS will have forced you to agree to terms that most likely will be egregious. Also, the IRS won’t tell you if you are Currently not Collectible or are eligible and qualified for a Fresh Start under the Offer in Compromise program. The IRS may force you into an Installment Agreement that is much higher than it should be.

Be Smart. Don’t Be Foolish. Hire an Expert. Protect Yourself.

What Are You Waiting For? Call Flat Fee Tax Service: 1-866-747-7435


1. Guided by our Christian Values. 2. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 3. The nationwide leader in having an IRS levy stopped and released. 4. Expert in the resolution of IRS tax debt problems. 5. The IRS tax resolution team that offers very affordable fees. 6. The affordable IRS levy team that promises positive results.

Quit Putting Off What Needs To Happen Today.

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