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IRS Fresh Start Tax Program | Los Angeles California | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative - Fresh Start Tax Relief in Los Angeles California Flat Fee Tax Service Clients Have A 95% IRS Settlement Success Rate!

IRS OFFER IN COMPROMISE / FRESH START PROGRAM If you owe back taxes you can’t afford to pay, most taxpayers will feel that their tax debt is a utterly hopeless situation. You may feel like you are doomed to suffer harsh penalties and collection seizures from the IRS.

There is "Great News"! The IRS offers tax relief options to those taxpayers who are simply unable to pay their tax debt. One such program, the IRS Fresh Start Program, can help you settle and/or pay off your tax debt while avoiding IRS actions such as tax levies, wage garnishment, tax liens, seizure of your property, and even criminal charges. Most Self-Prepared Offer in Compromise Applications Are Denied. Don't "Do It Yourself" (DIY).

A taxpayer who decides to prepare and submit their own Offer in Compromise (#OfferinCompromise) (has only a 30% chance for success. The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. strongly suggest you have an experienced IRS Tax Attorney do your Offer in Compromise settlement. IRS Tax Debt Settlements - Offer in Compromise An Offer in Compromise is completely dependent upon the taxpayer’s ability, or inability, to pay back their taxes. An IRS settlement is not a "haggle" back and forth. An offer in Compromise is a financial formula based on many factors. Because of the complexity of the qualifying requirements—and because the majority of tax settlement applications that are self-prepared are done incorrectly—the majority of applications are denied. PER 2016 IRS STATISTICS, THE IRS APPROVED APPROX. 42% OF THE 80,000 OFFER IN COMPROMISE SUBMISSIONS. Few taxpayers are familiar with the complex formulas used to calculate the qualifications for an Offer in Compromise, such as allowable expenses, expenses based on but not limited to: geographical location, and income and asset allocation. The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. have a decade of success. Our IRS tax relief team offers IRS tax relief at very affordable fees as shown on our website. We can help you get an Offer in Compromise if your are eligible. Why choose Flat Fee Tax Service? We are an experienced tax relief law firm that specializes in tax debt resolution with a decade of real time success and experience. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and our tax relief services have been awarded an A Plus grade. We also provide our clients with very affordable flat fee tax help. Why would you want to pay more than need be?

To take advantage of the IRS Fresh Start Tax Program and increase the likelihood that you will ultimately qualify for a tax settlement, consulting with an experienced tax professional is essential. Flat Fee Tax Service is physically located in San Diego, California and licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 states. All you need is a phone and access to a computer to take advantage of what we offer. During our initial consultation, our team will determine if you potentially qualify for an Offer in Compromise by conducting a comprehensive financial interview (takes 30 minutes) with you. Our job is: to protect you and your assets; prevent aggressive collection activities and prevent the taxing authorities from upending your world financially by keeping them out of your bank accounts and away from your paychecks.





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