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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

IRS TAX COLLECTIONS ATTORNEY Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., located in San Diego (Southern California) and serving the entire United States, believes that many good people need help resolving their IRS collection issues. Our tax professionals feel that hiring an IRS lawyer is sometimes overkill for much more basic matters. Many people overpay for tax resolution services and that lawyers are able to charge exorbitant amounts for basic services. This is the reason why our tax relief firm has kept our fees affordable and post our fees very clearly on the front page of our website: https://www.flatfeetaxservice.net

TAX RESOLUTION IS NOT ALWAYS SIMPLE A DIY self-help (do it yourself) and simple tax resolution solutions are not appropriate for every taxpayer.

For taxpayers that owe a high balance to the IRS or for those with assets in special need of protection, the services of a qualified tax attorney are extremely beneficial.

More so than most other IRS matters, IRS collections problems have the potential to cause the most detriment to your daily life. On top of this, although many of them are nice people in "private life", IRS revenue officers can sometime be particularly difficult to work with. IRS revenue officers have a job to do. Our IRS Tax Attorneys (#IRSTaxAttorneys) have a job to do as well. That job is to protect our customers. Some revenue officers will use unscrupulous tactics to force you into compliance and others will use the information in your financial statement against you (despite knowing the economic reality of the situation). an IRS revenue officer wants to do 2 things: collect money and close cases. Whatever the case may be, it is important to have an experienced IRS tax relief representative who knows the lay of the land and can vigorously defend your rights while working with an IRS revenue officer. THE RIGHT TOUCH - Flat Fee Tax Service Has The Right Touch

Some tax relief solutions need the right touch.

Taxpayers may have a particular goal they are trying to achieve or need a particular asset protected from the clutches of the IRS. With balances over one hundred thousand dollars, the IRS will assign your case to the “Large Dollar Unit” within IRS collections. This is a group of extremely senior revenue officers, who can be extremely aggressive in seizing assets in satisfaction of your liability. This group of individuals also works extremely quickly to resolve your case (given the amount in controversy, you are considered a high priority case for the IRS). Some taxpayers have going businesses that need protecting (revenue officers have to authority to seize business assets too) or have potential criminal issues that creep in to their collections issues.

If your tax debt involves one of the specialized issues or you feel the need to bring in specialized help to resolve your collections matter (protected by the attorney-client privileges), I would highly recommend that you consult with me in my capacity as an attorney.

It is always better to be overcautious and better prepared for the road ahead than needing my help after a problem has already arisen.

INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION - Our clients have the direct phone number to the IRS Tax Attorney handling their tax debt problem.

We have a long (a decade) and storied track record of great results within the collections divisions of the IRS. Although Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. handles many large cases (over $100,000), the majority of our clients have been my smaller collections cases. No matter the amount in controversy, we treat each client the same (special) and give them the individualized attention that they deserve.

In our initial consultation, we outline not only the history of the liability but also the ins and outs of your personal financial situation. We eventually arrive at two numbers:

What you can truly afford to pay (if you have to); What you would like to pay to meet the goals of your lifestyle.


In cases where you want to pay the full liability as soon as possible, we calculate where you stand and how long it will take you to achieve that goal. Regardless of what you want the outcome to be, we will do everything in my power to make your goal a reality.

In the interest of helping those that think they cannot afford professional representation, we invite you to visit oue website. Our fees are very affordable.


Even if it is just a simple consultation with our IRS tax relief firm, we would highly recommend letting a professional examine your case and provide you with some critical input. We believe that first-hand knowledge provides an invaluable learning experience that no amount of practical information can quite compare to.

If you have any questions regarding your IRS collections problem, whether on the tax side or the legal side, please feel free to contact us using the contact information contained on this website. HTTPS://WWW.FLATFEETAXSERVICE.NET



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