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IRS Bank Levy Release | San Diego | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

If you owe a tax debt to the IRS, you are right in your assumption that the agency will come after you to collect the money. The IRS will not forget about your tax debt and they will not let it go, especially when they know where your business or home is located. The IRS is interested in doing two (2) things. Collecting money and closing cases. That's it.

Unfortunately for you, the IRS is allowed to forcibly collect the money you owe them, and this can be very alarming. The IRS is legally allowed to seize your bank account, your wages, and your property. The IRS can only levy and seize your bank account but also garnish your wages, which means they seize your paycheck before you even receive it. The IRS can take anywhere from 30 to 100 percent of your paycheck!

The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service are committed to working closely with you to make sure this does not happen and that you can receive a bank levy release in San Diego. Call our office now - 1-866-747-7435.

Put an End to Bank Levies

If you have an IRS bank levy on your account or one impending, you only have so long before the IRS will start to take your money.

The IRS will order your bank to freeze the funds found in your bank account on the day of the bank levy. Your bank must hold the funds for twenty-one (21) days before the bank forwards your money to the IRS. The twenty-one day window includes Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Needless to say, you are on a time crunch and you need to be prepared to fight the bank levy before it takes effect or becomes worse than it already is.

Some of the ways that you can put an end to bank levies in San Diego include:

1. Do nothing and let the IRS take whatever amount the IRS captured in your bank account.

2. Pay the IRS the money you own them in full to include penalties and interest.

3. Prove that you have a financial hardship (#Currently not Collectible) and cannot pay. 4. Enter into an Installment Agreement with the IRS. 5. File an Offer in Compromise with the IRS.

You do not have a lot of time. The experienced tax attorneys in San Diego can help you choose the best option and we will work quickly to stop the bank levy.

I am Dave Rosa. It is my duty, my responsibility, and my pleasure to provide your with a complete evaluation of your tax problem. Our conversation will take 20 to 30 minutes. By the time we are done, you will know exactly what needs to happen in order to completely settle your IRS tax debt.

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