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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Your Chula Vista Tax Attorney

"Well, isn't that special"! You failed to file a tax return, made an error on your taxes, and now you have notified that you owe the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board over $10,000!  This has resulted in the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board to send threatening notifications or worse. The IRS and the FTB will file liens and levy wages and bank accounts. 

The IRS and/or the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) may have even shown up at your home or work. A visit by a Revenue Officer is meant to be frightening.  The IRS is interested in you because you either have unfiled tax returns (#unfiledtaxreturns) or you were unable to pay a previous year’s taxes. 

Your choice could be to negotiate with the IRS by yourself without any representation and risk an unfavorable outcome or hiring a Chula Vista Tax Attorney like the IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. 

The IRS is focused on obtaining the tax debt they consider owed. They will do what they deem necessary to achieve their enforcement action. If you live in Chula Vista, CA, contact our Chula Vista IRS tax relief team to get your path towards a positive tax resolution started today.

Most taxpayers make five common errors when communicating with the IRS:

1. Taxpayers ask their tax preparer to communicate on their behalf with the IRS.

2. Taxpayers will fail to take immediate action.

3. Taxpayers try to negotiate with the IRS on their own. (Big mistake)

4. Taxpayers believe the IRS agent will treat them fairly. (IRS Agents are not your friends)

5. Taxpayers believe an IRS agent is a tax expert since the agent works for the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board.

The above five errors are the primary cause our IRS tax relief team will not recommend you contact the IRS directly and try settling your tax debt on your own.

Why is that, you may ask? Allow us to tell you.

The IRS will start by asking you questions regarding your back-tax bills.  Their intent is to try to get you to admit to things you shouldn’t. 

You should never offer too much information. Without an experienced Tax Attorney on your side, you will not know what to say. Your best protection is a knowledgeable Chula Vista Tax Attorney who is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A Plus Rating.

The job of the IRS is to press you for answers and enforce collection. You need to realize they only want your cash and your problems are inconsequential. The threatening behavior of the IRS can be frightening, to say the least, and sometimes cross the line. To protect your rights and exercise all of your options, you must have an IRS Tax Attorney on your side. 

A Tax Lawyer is knowledgeable in the tax code and tax legislation. An experienced IRS Tax Attorney is the only choice to protect your rights and your hard-earned cash in Chula Vista, San Diego and throughout Southern California. 

A tax attorney provides you representation and understands the complicated tax problem you are up against.

Do you know every nuance of the 4-million-word tax code? 

The tax attorneys, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., will help you create a plan to put your tax problems "in your rear view mirror".

When is the best time to contact a tax attorney? 

It's best to get ahead of your tax debt problem as soon as possible. The earlier the better because a good tax attorney can support you by reducing or possibly eliminating your tax problem before you receive a tax lien or tax levy (#IRSwagegarnishment). Procrastination will only make your tax debt problem worse.

IRS notices, phone calls, and visits by Revenue Officers are all enforcement actions used by the IRS. These enforcement actions are designed to be frightening, and that is why the IRS uses them. As an example, an IRS Revenue Officer will usually visit someone on a Friday afternoon. If you aren't home, the Revenue Officer will leave a card on your door. That way you will have the entire weekend to think about it.

The more nervous they make you the more likely you are to make a critical error. Many people try to avoid the problem hoping the IRS and/or Caifornia Franchise Tax Board will just go away.  They won't "just go away". Taxing authorities have an unfettered ability to find you and your assets and proceed to seize your money and property. All information they collect, including answers to questions, will be used against you. Even the ones you did not know you shouldn’t answer. One misstep and your chances of a positive tax resolution will be decreased drastically.

The job of our IRS Tax Attorneys is straightforward:

1. The IRS Tax Attorney (#IRStaxlawyer) will interpret your tax obligation.

2. The Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will protect you from IRS error, misuse, as well as intimidation.

3. A tax attorney will prepare and submit all unfiled tax returns and amended income tax returns.

4. A tax attorney will set up a correctly organized IRS tax relief plan limiting charges in the future.

5. Our IRS tax relief team led by a tax attorney will bring you back into IRS compliance.

6. Our IRS Tax Attorneys will take care of an IRS lien.

7. Our Tax Attorneys will have an IRS wage garnishment (#IRStaxlevy) stopped and released in as little as a few hours.

7. Our Tax Attorney will clear up and resolve your tax problem via programs set up to assist you such as an IRS settlement agreement through the Offer in Compromise program.


Your Chula Vista Tax Attorney at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will find the “loopholes” that apply to your tax debt problem as well as recognize IRS decisions that could assist to resolve your tax issues. Even a relatively simple tax concern could benefit from a tax attorney review.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has helped Chula Vista residents and businesses for many years and has the unsurpassed experience in managing all elements of tax relief resolution and negotiation.

Call us today for your free and confidential consultation. Discover why other citizens of Chula Vista, California have chosen Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. to handle their IRS problems.






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