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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

IRS Tax Attorney - California - USA - Free Consultation A FREE IRS Tax Consultation Phone Call Will Have You Sleeping Better Tonight!


Give our IRS tax relief firm a call Right Now and leave your worrisome tax problems in our capable hands. Then go back to enjoying your life again! Our IRS Tax Attorneys can handle any tax case in the United States. Our Tax professionals need only about 15 to 30 minutes with you on the phone so that our team understands your situation and have the perfect solution in mind! How am I going to pay the taxes I owe?

Answer: Having tax debt can feel like the IRS will never be paid in a lifetime. This can feel overwhelming. The good news is that there are a host of tax relief options to address a tax debt that is too large to pay, including a settlement of the balance for less than the total amount owed (Offer-In-Compromise), a partial payment agreement, appealing the matter that created the taxes will eliminate federal and state taxes.

What needs to be done: talk to a qualified professional about all your tax relief options for the taxes today!

Will the IRS take my wages and bank account?

Answer: Yes they will. The IRS or state Department of Revenue has the power to take your wages, and monies in your bank account. This is very threatening. Unresolved collection issues or unfiled tax returns often end up with what is called a tax garnishment or levy that can take part of your wages or the monies in your bank account.

What needs to be done: get an agreement in place with the IRS or state Department of Revenue that addresses the collection issue or unfiled tax returns. I am in collections and the IRS has contacted me. How can I represent myself and get a fair outcome?

Answer: This situation feels very threatening. Generally, self-representation in this setting is a bad idea. First, you likely don’t know the law. Secondly, the emotions of dealing with the IRS or state Department of Revenue will create lots of unresolved anxiety.

What needs to be done: you need to talk a qualified tax professional about your risks here. Common Tax Problems Flat Fee Tax Service Handle as a Tax Attorney in California and the USA.

1. IRS Wage Garnishment, Tax Liens/Tax Levies 2. Penalties & Interest 3. Unfiled Late Returns 4. IRS Notice Letters 5. IRS Revenue Agent Visits 6. Payroll Tax Trust Fund Penalties 7. Termination of IRS Installment Plan 8. Rejection of Proposed Offer in Compromise 9. IRS filed Substitute for Returns




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