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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

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Our tax relief help team, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., is, admittedly, biased in our self-evaluation. We readily admit it. After you look at all of the factors involved in choosing a tax resolution company, it is easy to agree with us and conclude that Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is the top IRS Tax Relief Company.

Why Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is the Best Tax Resolution Company:

1. Our Christian Values - This above all separates us from everyone else. We treat every client with the respect they so deserve. We follow our Christian beliefs and that serves as our guide.

2. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Goals - Our goal is to the very best IRS Tax Resolution Company without ever compromising our values. We strive to be the best IRS tax resolution company, not the biggest tax resolution company.

2. IRS Experience - Our Tax Attorneys, IRS Certified Tax Preparers and experienced staff have decades of hands-on experience with the Collection Division of the IRS.

3. IRS Wage Levy Release - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will have an IRS Wage Levy stopped and released in 1 Day / 24 Hours. No other Tax Resolution Company can match our expertise at having an IRS Wage Levy stopped and released. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has never failed to have an IRS Wage Levy stopped and released. Never. 

4. Honest and Straightforward Consultations - When consulting with you, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will provide you an action plan that, if followed, will provide you with the necessary steps to resolve your IRS problems. Our consultations are free and require no obligation on your part.

5. Affordable Fees - Every client of Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has financial difficulties. With that understanding, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. posts our fees on the Home page of our Website. Our tax relief help team strives to keep our costs as low as possible without sacrificing service for our clients. We always pass our cost savings on to our clients.

6. Low Monthly Fees (Credit) - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. extends credit to all of our clients. There are no credit checks. Our tax relief fees are broken down into low monthly installments that are affordable to you.

7. Fees Are Clearly Displayed On Our Website - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. proudly displays our fees on the front page of our Website (https//www.flatfeetaxservice.net). There are no mysteries. We want everyone to know up front what they will expect from us.

8. No Complaints - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has never had a complaint from a client. Check out our BBB record. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.

9. No Salespeople - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. does not employ salespeople. No offense to anyone in sales but we do not and will not pay commissions to someone who is consulting with you. We will not be inflating our fees to cover the costs of a salesperson's commissions. Also, you will not be pressured to make a decision. No one will ask or pressure you for your credit/debit card. No one will "try and close you." 

10. Always Available - Every phone call, email, and fax received by Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is forwarded to multiple tax relief help team members by email as well as Android and iPhone. No communication is every lost or overlooked. Our clients are assured that they will receive a response and acknowledgment to their questions/inquiries 7 days a week. 




Services Provided by Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.:

IRS Wage Levy Release - As previously mentioned, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will have your IRS Wage Levy stopped and released in one day (1 Day / 24 Hours). No one can beat us or provide a better service. You will keep your paycheck, your wages, your Social Security benefit.

IRS Bank Levy Release - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has had great success having the monies seized in an IRS Bank levy returned to our clients. You have 21 days from the date of the IRS Bank Levy to have the money returned to you. This includes Saturday, Sunday and holidays so you do not have a lot of time to act.

IRS Installment Agreements - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will negotiate an IRS Installment Agreement / IRS Payment Plan after we analyze your IRS problem. Can your IRS tax debt be reduced through a penalty abatement? Are you eligible and qualified to settle with the IRS? Is your financial situation such that you should be declared Currently not Collectible? These and other questions need to be answered before you enter into an IRS Installment Agreement.

Amending Tax Returns - Quite often we, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., have found that previous tax returns have missed crucial deductions that have not been applied. Our IRS Certified Tax Experts will review your tax returns with a keen eye that will be looking for errors that can be rectified for your benefit.

IRS Penalty Abatement - IRS penalties and interest can be abated (waived) for "reasonable cause." A reasonable cause for your IRS problem may be many things. A reasonable cause for your current IRS problems could be due to bad tax advice, a divorce, illness, loss of income, business. You only get one opportunity at a Penalty Abatement so it needs to be done right. A simple letter will not be sufficient.

IRS Offer in Compromise - If your financial situation is such, you can settle with the IRS through the Offer in Compromise program. An Offer in Compromise is an IRS settlement agreement that is based on many factors. Your income, your assets, and your allowable expenses are several factors considered by the IRS when evaluating your IRS settlement offer. Not everyone is eligible and qualified to settle their back tax debt through the Offer in Compromise program but the IRS has made eligibility easier through their new Streamlined Offer in Compromise rules.

Currently not Collectible - If your financial condition is so extreme that you do not have the ability to make payments of any kind, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will work toward having the IRS declare you Currently not Collectible. When you are Currently not Collectible (#currentlynotcollectible), the IRS will cease (stop) all collection activity against you. The IRS may file a Federal Tax Lien but if you are in a difficult financial situation, a Federal Tax Lien will be nearly meaningless. The Statute of Limitations will continue to run out during your status a Currently not Collectible. The IRS will review your financial condition every 18 to 24 months.

Innocent Spouse - If through no fault of your own, you now face a back tax debt due to the actions of your previous spouse, you may be eligible for relief through an Innocent Spouse petition. The IRS has recently expanded the Innocent Spouse program and made eligibility easier to obtain. If you feel that you are an "Innocent Spouse", you may also be eligible for a Penalty Abatement, an Offer in Compromise or you may be Currently not Collectible.

I am Dave Rosa, the V.P. of Client Relations at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. I will be conducting your free and confidential consultation. It is my duty to you, as well as Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., to provide you with an honest and straightforward evaluation of your IRS problem. We may be the right IRS Tax Help Company for you. If we are not the tax help company for you, I will not be afraid to tell you. If we are, indeed, right for you and our tax help team can benefit you, then you will never be sorry for choosing Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. for your IRS solution.


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