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Affordable IRS Tax Relief | IRS Wage Garnishment | San Diego | Flat Fee Tax Service

Updated: Jun 11

IRS Tax Relief Firm Can Help You Today:


Are you anxious due to an IRS wage garnishment? Stop the Tax Levy and get your FULL paycheck and end IRS collections once and for all!

Our IRS Tax Attorneys Will Fight for You and Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment in One Day.

When the IRS or state has failed repeatedly, through notices, to collect back taxes from individuals, the IRS will begin to seize assets. The easiest asset to GRAB is your paycheck. An IRS wage garnishment (#IRSwagegarnishment) will quickly bring you to your knees. How will you pay your rent? How will you pay your car payment? Paying for basic necessities will be difficult to pay for. You can forget about "having some fun". The reason the IRS will enforce a wage garnishment is two-fold: First, they collect some money. Second, the vulnerable taxpayer will call them and agree to anything in order to stop the tax levy. Usually the naive taxpayer will not their tax relief options and the IRS will not tell you what your options are.

An IRS Wage Garnishment can be lifted fast!

Remember, an IRS wage garnishment is designed for one purpose: to get the taxpayer’s attention quickly, and to force them to agree to the IRS’s terms. Often times this means agreeing to a costly payment plan, or waiving their valuable legal rights to get the tax levy lifted. You don’t have to live another day with a wage garnishment when you don’t have to! The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can quickly intercede to come between you and the IRS, to stop wage garnishments and get you back on your feet. STOP AN IRS WAGE GARNISHMENT IN ONE DAY. 1-866-747-7435

HOW AFFORDABLE ARE OUR VERY AFFORDABLE IRS TAX RELIEF COST? CLICK ON THIS LINK. IT'S POSTED ON OUR WEBSITE. Your employer must follow the IRS order to levy your wages. IRS Wage Garnishments (#IRStaxlevies) are by far the most humiliating of all collection tactics, as they reveal your private financial burden to your employer and, in some instances, to your fellow co-workers. This means added work for your employer to fulfill it’s obligation to the appropriate tax authority, possible increased tension between taxpayer and employer, and can greatly impact job performance as it can create undo stress for the taxpayer.

Should you decide to take advantage of our very affordable IRS tax relief help, our IRS Tax Attorneys will immediately contact the taxing authority and negotiate for the release of the wage garnishment on your behalf. It is very common for our IRS tax relief firm to have IRS wage garnishments stopped and released in one day. Should you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case, it will take a little longer as a Revenue Officer will insist on seeing financial documents such as pay stubs, bank account records, etc. As soon as our Tax Lawyers secure your Wage Garnishment Release, the tax levy release is faxed to your payroll department to inform them.