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Stop and end an IRS tax levy and an IRS garnishment in one day. Our tax professionals routinely have IRS wage garnishments and bank levies stopped and released. Keeping your paycheck is the very first step in resolving your tax debt. However, it is not the final step. Some sort of final disposition will need to be in place regarding your tax debt. Our tax professionals will go to work for you to come up with the best tax settlement option.


IRS Tax Levy: Bank Levies and
IRS Garnishment (Wages)


Most people confuse an IRS tax levy
with a Federal tax lien.


tax levy is an actual IRS garnishment

or seizure of something owned by the taxpayer. A federal tax lien is a filing at the courthouse in the area where a taxpayer normally resides.

Both have very damaging effects:

1. The IRS will levy and garnish approximately 1.5 million taxpayers every year and files over 700,000 federal tax liens each year.

2. An IRS garnishment is an enforcement, collection and billing machine with the largest collection hammer in the world.

No human hand touches an IRS tax levy they are all computer-generated.

If taxpayers do not respond to the last IRS notice sent by certified mail, the IRS within 30 days will send out a bank levy or IRS garnishment to any source it has in their computer system. Also, IRS notices will be sent to any address on file. Don't be surprised if you have not actually received the IRS notices. 

IRS will make an attempt to warn taxpayers telling a taxpayer about the tax levy but it has no choice, their manuals provide that tax levies must be sent to taxpayers who are unresponsive.


As a result of our experience, we understand
how to stop the IRS hammer from "hitting you
on your head". As soon as our tax professionals are retained, our IRS Tax Attorneys fax a Power of Attorney (IRS Form 2848) to the Internal Revenue Service. While we have the IRS on the phone, our IRS Tax Attorneys have the tax garnishment stopped as we get a complete breakdown of your case.


If you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS will give our Tax Lawyers a "drop-dead date" to have all of your missing tax returns completed and filed. Our IRS Tax Attorneys never miss the "drop-dead date".

Our tax professionals handle all communication with the IRS. If an IRS Notice is sent to our client, the IRS Tax Attorney  assigned to you will also receive a copy of that notice. You will never need to speak to the IRS. You can go about your day to day business.

No more anxiety. Leave your fear behind. 




If your employer received an order to levy, as a general rule within 24 hours of receiving your current documented financial statement, our tax professionals can get your IRS garnishment released. Our tax professionals routinely have IRS garnishments stopped in one day.

If you owe more than $25,000, financial disclosures are required (IRS Form 433-F). The IRS will want to see the last three months bank statements, a copy of your last paystub and your current monthly expenses. We will request you copies of your pay stubs. 

To expedite this procedure, as soon as you become a client of ours, we will email or fax a financial questionnaire to you. This financial disclosure will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This is our private document and we will use it to complete your
IRS 433-F. Our team doesn't waste time.


Call us today for a free consultation.

Flat Fee Tax Service has been assisting taxpayers
nationwide for over a decade. Our IRS Tax Attorneys
stopped many, many IRS tax levies through the years.

Not only do we offer very affordable tax relief fees, we
are an Accredited Better Business Bureau company
and we have always maintained an A Plus Rating.


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