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GEM Management Services, Inc.

GEM Bookkeepping

Our team of professionals has designed a service process that allows the self-employed and businesses to fully outsource bookkeeping and accounting to our experienced, professional bookkeepers at very reasonable prices. We can adapt to your business's needs and take day-to-day bookkeeping tasks off your hands.

GEM Management Services, Inc. not only provides valuable tax debt help  (Flat Fee Tax Relief) at very affordable fees but we provide reliable, thorough record-keeping, bookkeeping services.


It's no secret that good bookkeeping is the key to maintaining your successful business. Keeping a good set of books will help you make better-informed decisions and long-term business plans.

GEM Bookkeeping will provide professional and personalized bookkeeping services that support you in maintaining activities and tasks that take your time away from your clients. Whether you a new business and are just starting out or have been up and running for a while, you'll find our bookkeeping services to be invaluable.

Specializing in bookkeeping and accounting for small business and high net worth individuals, our role is to provide you with the peace of mind regarding your financial well-being and give you the confidence to know that your financial records are accurate at all times.