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IRS Hardship - Tax Debt Help - San Diego California

2021-08-10 17:52

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IRS Hardship - Tax Debt Help - San Diego California

Should you find yourself in an IRS hardship and need tax debt help, you may find your answer in an IRS Offer in Compromise. An IRS OIC may be your salvation.





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IRS Hardship - Tax Debt Help







The federal government (IRS) does not want to send you to bankrupt court. If they did that, your tax debt or a portion of it could be wiped out. Nor does the government wish to create unfair financial hardship for you. At the same time, the government would like to collect at least a portion of the outstanding tax debt owed. The IRS Offer in Compromise program (OIC) is a tax settlement that is designed to help alleviate some of their workloads.


The IRS wants to accomplish 2 items. One is to collect money and the other is to close a file. An Offer in Compromise does precisely that. An offer in compromise isn’t easy to secure. 


The IRS approves approximately 42% of all the Offer in Compromise submissions which is around 80,000. Most rejections are due to the taxpayer trying to do their own tax settlement. 



96% OIC rate of success.

What Is An IRS Offer In Compromise?


An IRS Offer in Compromise (IRS OIC) is a type of tax relief that allows a taxpayer to settle their tax debt with the IRS for less than the full amount owed. The IRS is provided authority to settle tax liabilities under 26 U.S.C. section 7122(a).


This tax settlement program also allows taxpayers that do not agree that they owe the tax debt the ability to file an Offer in Compromise and have their tax liability reconsidered.


An Offer in Compromise allows taxpayers to get the fresh start needed to re-start their financial life.

  1. All back tax liabilities are settled with the acceptance of the Offer in Compromise.
  2. Federal and state tax liens are generally released upon acceptance of an Offer in Compromise and payment of the settlement offer.
  3. Taxpayers can compromise all types of taxes, penalties, and interest.
  4. Even payroll taxes and civil penalties from payroll taxes can be settled and compromised.


The IRS OIC program is certainly appealing to taxpayers with a large amount of outstanding tax debt ($10,000 is the minimum). However, the program isn’t meant to provide everyone with tax relief. It must be documented that the taxpayer has little to no money left over after paying their "allowable expenses." Also that you do not have the liquid assets available to be applied to the tax debt. You do not have to be destitute to have a successful IRS OIC.

How Much Will The IRS Settle For In An Offer In Compromise?


In 2017, the IRS accepted approximately 25,000 OIC submissions, which amounted to $256.862 million. If you divide that amount by 25,000 you get an average settlement amount of $10,274.48. That is the average. Each case is going to vary greatly depending on the amount of tax debt and the particulars surrounding the tax debt. Our Tax Lawyers have settled tax liabilities for a little as $100. Not everyone receives this OIC result. Our clients that are on Social Security, as a rule, settle for $375. Our point is that an IRS OIC is solely dependent on each individual's financial circumstance.


During our consultation, our team will have a very good idea of whether or not your OIC will "fly right" or not. We will of course need the documentations that our IRS attorney can analyze your unique situation to help you better determine what kind of offer the IRS will settle for.

Do I Qualify For An IRS Offer In Compromise?


You can perform a basic self-analyzation to determine to figure if you meet the minimum requirements for the Offer in Compromise program. There are a number of pre-qualifiers you must meet to be eligible for the program. If you answer yes to any of the pre-qualification questions below, you likely won’t qualify for the program:


  1. Have you filed the last 6 years of tax returns?
  2. Have you failed to make any required estimated tax payments?
  3. Do you have an open bankruptcy proceeding?
  4. Do you owe $10,000 or more in tax debt?
  5. Have you failed to provide all required federal tax deposits for employment taxes (if applicable)?


It wouldn't be wise to only consider the basic self-assessment when determining if you are "qualified and eligible." Flat Fee Tax Relief has the experience and the level of success to know during our initial free no-obligation whether or not an IRS OIC is for you or not.

How to Apply For an IRS Offer in Compromise in California


Yes, you can "Do It Yourself" (DIY). In fact, the IRS prefers that you submit your own Offer in Compromise. Why is that you may ask? Well, the number one reason for rejecting an IRS OIC is due to paperwork errors. The IRS calls this "being unprocessable." The IRS has 2 locations devoted to finding any type of error so they can reject an OIC. If you 'DIY" and get rejected, the IRS will not tell what the reason for the rejection is. At that point, you are right back at "square one."

If you continue to insist on the "DIY" method, you can apply by filing Form 656B, otherwise known as the Offer in Compromise booklet. Your completed application will include:

  • A completed 656 for personal tax debt and/or business tax debt (if both they will need to be on separate forms)
  • A completed Form 433-A (for individuals) or Form 433-B (for businesses)
  • Evidence and documentation requested in Form 433 A or B
  • A non-refundable application fee of $186 along with initial payment for each 656 submitted


Proper evidence and supporting documentation are mandatory in getting an Offer in Compromise accepted. An IRS attorney will help you compile evidence and fill out the required forms.

Why Trust Flat Fee Tax Service To Represent You For An IRS Offer In Compromise?


Filing and negotiating an IRS OIC requires an extensive background in Federal Tax Procedures. A licensed tax professional must know the laws and Internal Revenue Manual guidelines for the various methods that the IRS uses to evaluate Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP).


Watch out for scams. One of the scams is a tax relief company will ask for a $500 payment to "investigate" your tax liability. If your consultation was done properly and thoroughly there wouldn't be a need to do an "investigation."  That $500 payment pays a commission to the salesman who took your call and for the advertising that got you to call.

There are other scams associated with the Offer in Compromise program that is promoted by third parties. Many national tax relief companies will offer to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar and will quote an affordable price for preparation.


However, this fee does not include many of the hidden extras associated with the offer process. Most national tax agencies only prepare the tax forms associated with an Offer in Compromise and will not pre-screen offers for acceptance, review substantiation documents, negotiate with the IRS after the initial determination, or guide you through the appeals process should your offer not be accepted. Flat Fee Tax Service has encountered a number of these scams in our daily practice and encourages taxpayers to be vigilant when choosing tax counsel to represent them in the IRS settlement process. 


All of our potential offer candidates go through a rigorous financial analysis during our free no-obligation consultation. Our analysis continues throughout our representation. We work intimately with our clients to draft a settlement offer that is carefully tailored to your individual situation. We will help you gather the necessary supporting documentation.


Once the federal or state government has processed your offer, our skilled negotiating team will work diligently to get you the best possible resolution. Because we only file quality offers and are extremely experienced in preparing them, we have a high success rate (96% approval) with both federal and state tax authorities. Let our reputation and our record work for you.


Don’t wait. If you qualify for the Offer in Compromise program you can save thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties, and interest. If you have any questions or if we can further assist you, contact our coast-to-coast teams today.


















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