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Tax Settlement Attorney | IRS Help | Tax Debt Relief | San Diego

2020-06-25 16:30

dave rosa

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Tax Settlement Attorney | IRS Help | Tax Debt Relief | San Diego

A tax attorney can settle a tax debt for those qualified and eligible. Find out if you are eligible to settle with IRS.


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IRS Help - Tax Debt Relief

Tax Settlement - Offer in Compromise


This article is brought to you by the IRS problem solvers at Flat Fee Tax Service. Our teams, located in San Diego, California, and Clearwater, Florida, provide valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee.

Top IRS Tax Attorney in California

Locating a qualified and trustworthy tax attorney to assist you with your IRS problems can be daunting, frustrating for most people. There is hope if you’re one of the countless individuals who owe a tax debt however cannot afford to pay the IRS completely. IRS problem solvers like the teams at Flat Fee Tax Service can help you resolve the challenging as well as perilous enforcement actions of the IRS.

Call Flat Fee Tax Service – 1- (866) 747-7435


If you are trying to find an IRS Tax Attorney to resolve and settle your tax debt, you have come to the right place considering that Flat Fee Tax Service is indisputably the very best in the business! Don't take our word for it. Check out our Better Business Bureau record and our IRS settlement stories of success.

What You Should Know About Hiring an IRS Settlement Attorney.


Having to face the IRS alone for your back tax problem can be more than a little scary. Needless to say, it will be complicated. Ideally, you’ll never ever need to take care of that IRS Final Notice or even worse, an IRS Revenue Officer (#IRSRevenueOfficer) showing up at your door. Handling this can be so overwhelming that many individuals try to simply overlook the issue really hoping and praying that it will certainly somehow amazingly go away or that the IRS will ignore them. How do you know if you can handle this circumstance yourself or do you need outside assistance?


The IRS is not your good friend or buddy. The IRS is a government agency that wants to do 2 things: collect money and close a file. The agency is the largest and most powerful debt collection agency on the planet with virtually unlimited capability to locate and take your cash. The main reason for hiring an IRS Tax Attorney would be to settle your back tax debt. Make no mistake about it, the IRS will seize your paycheck and/or bank accounts if you aren't careful.

Why Can’t I merely Call The IRS Myself And Settle This?


The short simple answer to the above question is, yes you can. The IRS would like nothing better than to have you "Do It Yourself." It isn't a very good idea, but you can. When you call the IRS they will certainly start asking you all sorts of inquiries concerning your tax debt and what your present financial situation is. The IRS are experts at getting you to admit to points you should never ever tell them. You may all of a sudden understand that the IRS is the expert at collecting tax debts, not you. Remember this, they ONLY desire to collect money and close a file. The IRS does not care about you or your problems.


The very best way for you to protect your rights is to speak to an experienced, qualified Tax Attorney. An IRS settlement Attorney can help you develop a tax relief plan that will put your tax issues behind you once and for all.


IRS agents are trained to be intimidating. The IRS can behave extremely hostile and also threatening to you, sometimes behaving wrongly and because you do not have an individual in your corner who knows the tax code and also tax regulation, you will lose.


What Exactly is The Job of an IRS Problem Solver?


A qualified IRS Settlement Attorney can aid you with all of the following:

Shield you from IRS error, misuse, as well as intimidation.

Translate your tax obligation.

File an amended tax return, prepare and file missing tax returns. Bring you back into lawful compliance.

Deal with an IRS lien or tax levy and aid to obtain releases.

Establish a properly structured payment limiting penalties in the future.

Settle your tax debt through a well-structured Offer in Compromise.



Our IRS Problem solvers have years and years of valuable experience in handling all facets of tax resolution. Our IRS Settlement Attorney(s) have a 96% Offer in Compromise settlement record. Call us today. Find out for yourself why we are your finest option in handling the IRS.


  • Flat Fee Tax Service is committed to your success and is committed to settling with IRS.


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