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Very Affordable Flat Fee - Tax Debt Help 

Our Tax Professionals Have
Provided Expert Affordable
Tax Debt Help Nationwide for
More Than A Decade.

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Our Very Affordable Tax Professionals Offer the Very Same Financing as the "Big Box" Tax Resolution Companies such as Optima Tax Relief, Community Tax, Tax Defense Network, Nationwide Tax Experts, Alliance Tax Advocate, Legacy Tax & Resolution Centers LLC.

You Can Settle Your Tax Debt Once And For All.


How would it feel to be completely free of tax debt?

Our #1 goal is to get your tax debt resolved for good.

“For good” means settling for less than you owe. It means no more kicking the can down the road. It means getting a letter in the mail from the IRS that says: “Balance: $0.00.”

Can you imagine?

  • Being able to keep 100% of your paychecks…

  • No longer living in fear of an IRS garnishment, a tax lien, or a tax levy.

  • Being free of tax debt!

If you want your IRS problems behind you, call our tax professionals and get your free consultation with a tax relief expert. You can break free from tax debt. You just need the right help.


Boasting an 11- year A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Flat Fee Tax Service (Flat Fee Tax Relief) approach of honesty and integrity has gone unmatched in an industry that sometimes lacks principle. Having an experienced Tax Attorney on your side that practices virtue and candor is exactly what Flat Fee Tax Service provides. 

If you would like our fees stretched out over 24 to 36 months, click below.

Flat Fee Tax Service is widely considered to be the most affordable tax resolution company in the country. Our tax professionals are strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, and San Diego, California. This allows our tax pros to be available to our clients as well as the IRS from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Our extra hours make it very advantageous when stopping an IRS levy in one day.

Our flat fees are designed to make it possible for you to resolve your tax issue once and for all without causing you financial hardship during the process.


Our tax professionals believe that everyone deserves a second chance (Fresh Start)and that pricing should never be punitive or take advantage of individuals who are already struggling. We provide very affordable payment plans and financing. Call to get started today!

For over a decade, Flat Fee Tax Service has provided in-house interest-free financing. We will stretch our very affordable fees over as much as 10 months.



100% Price Protection Guarantee


How do Tax Debt Help Firms usually charge for
their tax relief services?


There are 4 primary methods, and you need to understand the difference, as many companies’ methods are not transparent and often very misleading.


Flat Fees – All-Inclusive: This is how we do it at Flat Fee Tax Service (Flat Fee Tax Relief). We offer a very affordable flat fee for our tax relief services that are very clearly posted on this "FEES PAGE." It includes all required tax resolution services to complete your case. You need to know the full cost of your case before committing your money to any tax relief company. It also assures that you are working with a company that has professionals on staff that can handle all tax relief services associated with your case.


Flat Fees - Non-Inclusive: many tax resolution firms will quote a low fee, but downplay or outright neglect to tell you that they don’t provide some critical tax relief services. Ask if their "flat" fee covers all of the services that we provide for our very affordable tax relief fee. Will the tax debt relief company stop an IRS wage garnishment, prepare and file up to three (3) tax returns and do your IRS settlement submitted to the Offer in Compromise program for one low, affordable fee? We can tell you now.

The answer is "NO WAY"!


Failure to include these valuable and necessary tax help services can cause delays and unexpected costs to your case, not to mention the inconvenience of having to find additional tax relief professionals to get the work done.


Teaser Fees: "The Big Tease."  Some tax debt relief firms take advantage of price shoppers by selling vulnerable taxpayers on what appears to be a reasonable upfront “investigation fee,” but then follow up days or weeks into the process to inform them that the remainder of the case is going to be additional dollars. These "investigation fees" will usually cost $500. A so-called "investigation" is nothing more than a "compliance call" to the IRS which is required. Don't fall for it. 


Ongoing Fees: Other companies just bill you by the hour, which is by nature a conflict of interest leading to unpredictable, ever-increasing costs with little to no progress.





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