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Finding the correct Yax Relief Program for you will start with a conversation. Our tax pros always provide reliable information regarding your tax problem and what tax relief solutions are available to you.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys Will:

  • Listen and Identify the Remedy of your Tax Problem

  • Match IRS And State Tax Relief Solutions Specific To Your Situation

  • Explain What Tax Relief Programs Are Available To You.

If an IRS Settlement is what you’re after, you’ll know if you qualify by the end of this call.

 Consultations are always free and confidential. Our conversation will take 20 to 30 minutes. During our time with you, our tax professionals will evaluate the right IRS Tax Relief Program for you.
End IRS garnishment -
Stop tax levy -
Unfiled tax returns -
Tax settlements -
Offer in Compromise

Are you ready to save your paycheck and stop that IRS garnishment - tax levy?

Are you ready to have your unfiled tax returns prepared and filed? How about that tax debt?

Are you ready to settle with the IRS? If you answered yes, our IRS Tax Lawyers stand ready to end your IRS tax problems.

Being pro-active will be the key to your success.



Our Tax Professionals make your big tax problems much much smaller.

IRS Tax Levy - IRS Garnishment - Tax Liens  - IRS Seizure

Unfiled Tax Returns - Tax Settlement - Offer in Compromise


The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service (Flat Fee Tax Relief) have been providing valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade. Our teams are strategically located in San Diego, California, and Clearwater, Florida. This allows our tax pros to be available from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Our extended hours are extremely valuable when our client needs to save their paycheck in one day.

With the nation's problems regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all concerned with "social distancing." Our tax relief firm has always provided superior tax debt help through email, fax, or snail mail. We have been keeping our prices low and stable by maximizing technology. Our clients aren't exposed to unnecessary risk. Stay home. Call our tax professionals. Resolve your IRS problems while you stay safe.

Flat Fee Tax Service was the first tax debt help company to stop an IRS garnishment (tax levy) in one day. Many IRS tax debt help companies and tax professionals like to mimic and copy us by advertising an IRS garnishment release in one day or they use the term "flat fee" but none combine our record of achievement with our extremely affordable fees. 


Our Tax Attorneys provide tax debt help for taxpayers located throughout the United States. We have tax professionals that routinely have a tax garnishment stopped (IRS seizure) in one day. It doesn't matter where you live. Our team of tax relief experts can settle a tax debt anywhere in the United States.

Remember this, everyone's set of financial circumstances will vary to a degree. Not everyone has the same exact same income, assets, allowable expenses, etc.

Our tax professionals and IRS Tax Attorney are experts at obtaining positive results for our clients. We do not waste time and we don't waste your fees on "being fancy." We are all about "the steak and not the sizzle." We don't play "the razzle-dazzle." Our team will not change the fee at a later date. 

We do not employ salesmen. No one from Flat Fee Tax Service will pressure you, or "hound you" because you simply called in for your free consultation. We do not plant "cookies" on your computer so we will not be shadowing you around the internet with ads. Should you have questions and seek a free honest consultation, give our team a call.

A Tax Attorney from our team specializes in the following: Stopping an IRS tax levy,

ending an IRS garnishment in one day (IRS seizure), release tax liens, penalty abatement, innocent spouse, prepare unfiled tax returns, currently not collectible and tax settlements through the offer in compromise process.

IRS Tax Lawyers, who work directly with you, will provide you with protection from IRS enforcement as we stop and end your IRS garnishment/tax levy. Our team of tax professionals will prepare and expedite your missing unfiled tax returns. Our experienced and highly skilled team can place you into Currently
Not Collectible status. Should you be eligible and qualified to settle with the IRS, our IRS Tax Lawyers will negotiate your IRS settlement via an Offer in Compromise.


96% Success Rate - IRS Settlement - Offer in Compromise.



Tax Settlement Success Stories


The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service are working constantly to help our clients find the very best tax relief solutions to their tax problems. Individuals who find themselves facing aggressive tax collectors, are overwhelmed by interest and penalties or are unable to make their monthly payment can all benefit from the work we provide. We know how frightening it can be to find yourself the subject of an audit or to find yourself owing the IRS more than you can afford to pay. No matter what challenges you may face, our highly skilled San Diego IRS Lawyer is here to represent clients from coast to coast and help them navigate these complex IRS tax problems.


1. Stop an IRS Garnishment
2. IRS Offer in Compromise or best tax resolution possible.

IRS Tax Relief Programs Included for One Very Affordable Flat Fee - $2050


IRS Tax Help - Affordable Flat Fee

Flat Fee Tax Service - Nationwide IRS Tax Relief Programs

We Will Never Over-Charge You For Tax Debt Help

IRS Tax Relief - Nationwide

Stop an IRS Tax Levy - End a Tax Garnishment - In One Day


You need your paycheck. Our team will save it. If you have delinquent tax returns, your unfiled tax returns will need to be prepared and filed as quickly as possible. Our tax professionals will expedite your tax returns preparation.


Below are your DIY (do it yourself) options regarding the release of an IRS levy:

  1. Pay the IRS in Full - This is the most obvious answer to your IRS problem. However, if you had access to the funds to pay the IRS in full, you would not have a tax levy and you most likely would not be here now. So, let's move on.

  2. Agree to an IRS Installment Agreement - You can have an IRS levy stopped and released by entering into a payment plan with the IRS. Anyone can call the IRS and agree to a payment plan that the IRS dictates to them. Before you have a levy released by entering into a payment plan with the IRS, you should consult with our experienced IRS tax pro's. There are many factors that need to be considered prior to a taxpayer making a commitment to an Installment Agreement with the IRS.

  3. Take Advantage of an Offer in Compromise - The IRS has expanded the eligibility and qualification standards for their Fresh Start Initiative which is very good news for you. You may be able to settle with the IRS for much less than you owe. You may be able to take advantage of the new Fresh Start Initiative. An Offer and Compromise is a tax settlement that will stop IRS enforcement actions while your tax settlement is being reviewed.

  4. Quit Your Job? - PLEASE DON'T DO THIS - Being the experienced tax professionals that we are, our IRS Tax Attorneys do not recommend this course of action. You do not need to quit your job. Good jobs that you like are hard to find. You don't need to quit. Our highly skilled IRS Tax Attorneys have years of experience and know-how to use the IRS code to our advantage. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can have your tax levy - IRS garnishment stopped in 1 day. Keep your job. Keep your paycheck.

  5. Temporarily Quit Your Job? - DON'T DO THIS EITHER - If you have an employer who will let you temporarily quit your job for a while with the idea that he will re-hire you later, this will stop an IRS levy. Of course, you will have lost out on the amount of money you would have earned and it could really make the IRS angry at both you and your employer once the IRS finds out you tried to "pull a fast one".

Unfiled Tax Returns - Delinquent Tax Returns


Having unfiled tax returns (delinquent tax returns) is a serious offense in the eyes of the IRS, and can lead to mounting debt as back taxes and failure to file penalties accumulate. The IRS will not stop the collection process until all unfiled tax returns have been filed, and you have paid back all the money owed. If you continue having unfiled tax returns, the IRS will proceed with enforcement action against you which could include a tax levy on your wages, paycheck, Social Security, Social Security Disability (SSDI), veteran's pension and/or your bank account.

Who Qualifies for a Fresh Start and Tax Forgiveness?

More Than You Would Think!

An Offer in Compromise - Tax Settlement


Not everyone is qualified for a tax settlement

under the Fresh Start Offer in Compromise.


You will be surprised at how many taxpayers

are qualified to settle their tax debt.

A taxpayer simply must lack the assets, after

deducting what the IRS calls "allowable

expenses." You must be lacking sufficient

assets to liquidate.  


If you are struggling to get by, if your

home has little to no equity and you have few

if any assets, then you would be foolish not to

look at doing an Offer in Compromise (OIC).

The vast
majority of people are like yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't qualified for a tax settlement before talking to our tax professionals.

Like you,
most taxpayers who owe a back tax debt are honest people who now find themselves in financial trouble through no fault of their own. Taxpayers, like yourself, need help. You need a way to resolve your IRS problem. Having the IRS levy your paycheck or bank account is not the answer to your problem.





Stop Tax Levy - IRS Garnishment - One Day


IRS Tax Relief Programs

Our Tax Pros Will Get You The Right Tax Relief Program.


It will always be cheaper, faster, and more efficient if you have an IRS Tax Attorney at Flat Fee Tax Service prepare and submit your Offer in Compromise for the best result. Our tax pro's, led by experienced IRS Tax Attorneys, have a proven track record of successful tax settlements. When you combine the level of expertise at Flat Fee Tax Service with our very affordable fees, choosing a tax relief firm should be a "no brainer". We are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A Plus Rating.

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