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The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service have been providing valuable IRS tax debt help at a very affordable fee for more than a decade. Our teams are strategically located in San Diego, California, and Clearwater, Florida. This allows our tax pros to be available from 8 A.M. Eastern to 6 P.M. Pacific time. Our extended hours are extremely valuable when a client needs to save their paycheck from IRS seizure in one day.

With the nation's problems regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all concerned with "social distancing." Our tax relief firm has always provided superior tax debt help through email, fax, or snail mail. Our clients aren't exposed to unnecessary risk. Stay home. Resolve your IRS problems while you stay safe.

Flat Fee Tax Service was the first tax resolution company to stop an IRS garnishment (tax levy) in one day. Many IRS tax debt help companies and tax professionals like to mimic and copy us by advertising an IRS garnishment release in one day or they use the term "flat fee" but none combine our record of achievement with our extremely affordable fees. 


Our Tax Attorneys provide tax debt help for taxpayers located throughout the United States. We routinely have a tax garnishment stopped (IRS seizure) in one day. It doesn't matter where you live. Our team of tax relief experts can settle a tax debt anywhere in the United States.

Remember this, everyone's set of financial circumstances will vary to a degree. Not everyone has the same exact same income, assets, allowable expenses, etc.

Our teams are experts at obtaining positive results for our clients. We do not waste time and we don't waste your fees on "being fancy." We are all about "the steak and not the sizzle." We don't play "the razzle-dazzle." Our team will not charge a higher fee at a later date. 

We do not employ salesmen. No one from Flat Fee Tax Service will pressure you, or "hound you" because you simply called in for your free consultation. We do not plant "cookies" on your computer so we will not be shadowing you around the internet with ads. Should you have questions and seek a free honest consultation, give our team of IRS tax professionals a call. You absolutely nothing to lose.

Our tax professionals specialize in the following: Stopping an IRS tax levy,

ending an IRS garnishment in one day (IRS seizure), release tax liens, penalty abatement, innocent spouse, prepare unfiled tax returns, currently not collectible and tax settlements through the offer in compromise process.

IRS Tax Lawyers, who work directly with you, will provide you with protection from IRS enforcement as we stop and end your IRS garnishment/tax levy. Our team of tax professionals will prepare and expedite your missing unfiled tax returns. Our experienced and highly skilled team can place you into Currently
Not Collectible status. Should you be eligible and qualified to settle with the IRS, our IRS Tax Lawyers will negotiate your IRS settlement via an Offer in Compromise.


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Are you ready to save your paycheck and stop that IRS garnishment - tax levy?

Are you ready to have your unfiled tax returns prepared and filed? How about that tax debt?

Are you ready to settle with the IRS? If you answered yes, our IRS Tax Lawyers stand ready to end your IRS tax problems.

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